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    10 Top Things You Must Do When In USA

    Shortlisting the adventures that you must experience when in the USA are quite tough. You can take a bike ride on the Golden Gate Bridge, touch a moon rock in Washington DC ‘Air and Space Museum’, and take a surfing lesson at San Diego, and so on. Covering up the amazing and unforgettable must-visit travel sites in all the 50 states of the US is not easy.

    What are the top things you must do when in America? Should you be visiting museums, monuments, and national parks or baseball stadiums? Are beaches better or an all American road trip? America is big, adventures are uncountable, and time is short. In the article, we have saved you from the trouble of finding the best American experiences that you must try.

    Top American Things That You Must Do In the US:

    Florida shines in winter when you can opt for skiing in the Rockies; the US beaches attract tourists in summers, while spring and fall are glorious days for travel and tourism. However, if you have a short time and cannot be at all places, you wouldn’t regret visiting these 10 places:

    #1. Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge:

    Instead of walking across the huge bridge, rent a bike and pedal across the most famous bridge in the world. The bridge connects the two beautiful states of San Francisco and Sausalito. The bridge offers you eye-catching and soulful views on both sides. San Francisco may be highly expensive, but it is one of coolest cities that you must see to experience the laid-back and hippy vibes

    #2. Book for an All-American Road Trip:

    In 1908, the American paved roads covered only an area of 18,000 miles. However, times have changed and a huge network of roads, highways, and back-country roads form a crisscrossing structure across the American map. An all American road trip is only made possible due to wide and open roads.

    Whether you were attracted by the movies such as Sideways and Easy Rider to take the road trip or you were amazed at the size of the US lands, the road trip is a MUST-DO thing when in America. You will find stunning sites at the Columbia River, the Taos Loop of Santa Fe, the highway in Oregon, and the Blue Ridge Park between Virginia and North Carolina.

    #3. Feel the Breeze at the Niagara Falls:

    Niagara Falls will take you in a state of trance as you admire the hugeness of waterfalls. You can breathe in the mist at the Niagara Falls, walk through the Niagara Falls State Park to view the scenic beauty, and opt for a hiking trail to see the breathtaking view from the heights. Take your passport to cross the American-Canadian border to see the endlessness of Niagara Falls spread across the borders.

    #4. Canoeing in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters:

    Towards the east of the Rockies lies the great wilderness of the Boundary Waters in Minnesota. Canoeing in the Boundary Waters is a perfect escape plan that any robber would opt for after committing a crime. The wilderness covers a million acre bastion of streams, lakes, and pine and birch forests. You cannot be found easily from among the dark forests. There are over 1,500 miles of canoe routes and 2,000 camping sites. If you had a dream to get lost in the wilderness of nature, this is the right stop for you to spend some time alone and away from the bustle of the main cities.

    #5. Swim in the Great Lakes:

    The Great Lakes present picturesque harbor towns that surround the beaches of Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Superior. The Great Lakes offer a thrilling experience to you that no ocean out there can bring. The Great Lakes are 12 in number and the feeling to swim in fresh, clean and unsalted waters is just tremendous. In Michigan, the Grand Haven is the best spot for taking a dip into the Lakes. You can visit the lighthouse, pier, and Odd Side Ales for tasting a pint of peanut butter.

    #6. Skiing in Aspen Highlands:

    Aspen Highlands in Colorado are loved by locals that present unrivaled and awe-inspiring views and you get to experience perfect bowl-skiing experience. You can get to know the thrill of perfect ski runs in the Rockies. The peaks offer an incredible view of Pyramid Peak and Maroon Bells.

    #7. Experience the Spectacular Sight of Northern Lights:

    Even if Juneau and the exploding culinary scenes of Alaska are most underrated travel destinations, you must see the sensational and awe-inspiring site of aurora borealis (the Northern Lights). Be sure to visit the tourist spot between April to November during winters when it is pitch dark in the backdrop to highlight the lights.

    #8. Kayaking in the Colorado River:

    The legendary winds of the Colorado River past three US states offer great adventure to you while kayaking over the river waves. You can lay back or relax in the middle of the rivers to soak in the breathtaking scenic beauty of the surroundings. The 297 miles of river length has plenty of spots to kayak and canoe through. Check this out to learn more about it.

    #9. Stroll through Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier of Los Angeles:

    Begin with the drinks on the Hotel Erwin’s deck that captures the beauty of Venice Beach, have some fun with your favorite street performers, take a tour through the canals, and so on. You can move on to the Santa Monica to ride the Ferris wheel during sunset. The killer views are worth your visit and you will surely admit that the price of your tourism has been paid well and also you can hire a party bus in LA.

    #10. Hiking the Glacier National Park:

    When we are mentioning all the fun activities that you must experience in America, how can we skip a hiking spot? Glacier National Park is the most spectacular park to drive up to the top and hike up the High-line Trail. Appreciate the glaciers and find hundreds of adventures around the place to make the most out of your tour.

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