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    10 Ways to Afford Travelling Expenses!

    So, you have finally decided to make a trip that you have been dreaming of for many years? Have you made an estimate of total trip cost? Do you know how much money do you need as daily expenses? Do you able to able to afford it or not? These are some questions that one should ask themselves before planning for a trip.

    A good travel budget is always needed, no matter how cheap we want to be but remember travelling requires money. You cannot avoid the cost of travelling but you can cut down some of your expenses for sure. Cutting down the expenses is one of the simplest and the best technique for saving money for your travelling expense.

    Today, we are going to talk about those 10 Ways with the help of which you can easily cut down your travelling expense.

    Without wasting further more time, let’s begin with our list.

    #1. Learn to Cook

    Yes, you heard it right. If you are willing then you can easily learn how to cook. Actually, while travelling we eats a lot, we take break on lots of restaurants and these restaurants are getting quite expensive these days. You cannot afford them all the time. So, in order to keep you food bill low, you need to cook as often as you can. And in this era of advanced technology, one can easily cook meals by just watching videos on YouTube or by visiting some famous cooking sites.

    #2. Subscribe for Travelling Newsletters

    No one wants to fill their inbox from the spammy e-mails from such airlines and travel companies, but when it comes to saving money, you have to do it. Sometimes, these newsletters give the updates about the special deal happening or the last minutes deals. Apart from subscribing their mailing list, you should keep a regular watch on their website, as they provide the best travel deals for the weekends also. If you are lucky enough then you will surely avail their last minutes deals benefits.

    #3. Get a Travel Credit Card

    You can avail lots of benefits with the help of travel credit cards. They can provide you with free flights, free rooms, and more. Whenever you make purchases with a travel credit card, you gain free rewards and miles. Once you have good number of miles, you can easily redeem them for the free travel on your trip. Also, when you sign up for a new card, you are typically offered large bonuses for joining. If you are serious about saving for your travel budget this is a great way to do it. If you have some credit issues though you will need to work on that first before applying. You can read over some of the best credit repair reviews out there and see if there is an option that works well for you.

    #4. Use Low-Budget Mobile

    Do you know having an IPhone can cost you around $50-60 a month? These days, we people are going with the market trends, and uselessly we are buying such costlier smartphone; even we don’t need them actually. You can easily cut down your monthly mobile bill in half, if you go with those smartphone that doesn’t have much fancy features and apps. Rather sparing an additional $500 multi-year on these mobiles will enable you to spend a couple of more weeks in Europe, purchase fancier suppers, or learn to scuba dive in Fiji.

    #5. Use Energy Efficient Lights

    You may be shocked to hear it, but this is true. As more electricity consumption means more electricity bill, which is not good. We have to save our each and every penny. So, using the energy efficient bulbs, can easily help you to cut down your cost of monthly electricity bill. Also, now-a-days, because of the energy saving initiative in many of the states, the electricity companies has started giving rebates to the individual, if they buy fluorescent bulbs!

    #6. Look for the Second Hand things

    Whenever possible, always look for the second-hand things, there is no need to pay the full price when you have an alternative to buy the second hand. You can use various online platforms like Amazon (for discounted electronics items and books), also you can go for the clearance sales, and look for the wholesale websites that deals in bulk. You can easily save up-to 50% of your money, while buying second-hand things. And you can use the same money for your travelling budget.

    #7. Look for Coupons and Discounts

    Whenever buying anything, always ask for the coupon and the running discounts. There is no. of sites available on internet today that provide various coupons on various products, like groupon, grabon, etc. These website provide huge discount which you can easily avail by just registering with them and properly following their terms and conditions. You can use these website for buying any travelling equipment in a discount or with a coupon.

    #8. Quit Smoking and Stop Drinking

    If you are a regular habitual smoker and drinker then you must be shocked to hear that, the activity like smoking not only killing you from inside but also it is killing your wallet. A $10 pack of cigarette a day can cost you $3650 per year, and which is considerably a good amount to spend. Similarly, alcohol is also an expensive thing, so cutting down the amount you drink is going to have a big impact on your travelling budget.

    #9. Sell your old stuff

    Look around in your home or store room and check whether you have any useless or spare stuff with you which you don’t need anymore, if yes then try to sell those stuff. At least you make some bucks by selling it rather than keeping at store-room, lying as a waste. If you are not able to find its appropriate buyer then you can take help from the online platforms like, Amazon, Gumtree, and Craigslist, these are the best place for selling any unneeded consumer goods.

     #10. No need of a Cable

    In the period of Hulu and free (and legitimate) gushing TV, there’s no purpose behind you to burn through $50 every month on satellite TV. Dispose of it and simply watch everything on the web for nothing. So, you can use this money as you’re travelling budget.


    We hope you will get to know something new today. If you feel that we have forget to mention any other best way related to the same, then do share it with us in the comment section, we would love to add it in our list.

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