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    12 Hack Tricks To Dress Like A Model or Celebrity

    Who doesn’t like to dress like a supermodel? But don’t know the tricks! Right, anyways, there isn’t any rocket science behind the success of supermodel. In spite of early morning phone calls; almost endless hours in front of these drapes, and also late-night fittings they somehow figure out how to check effortlessly smart in regularly. Remember, they are also ordinary girls like us so you can do what they can, now you are wondering what you can do to look like as stylish as them. Here we give you a few tricks apply and see the result

    #1. Keep it simple don’t overdo

    The first thing you should always keep in mind while getting ready for any function. Just stick with basic and keep it natural. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing whether it’s a fashionable kurta, sarees or salwar kameez, the natural charm of these attires gives a classy glance. You can be slightly tricky but make sure it doesn’t heart the classiness. Sometimes it happens that you implement too many changes at a time that damage the entire look.

    #2. Try different colors

    We all have one tendency while choosing an outfit, and we only limited up to specific colors. Is it necessary to stick with few favorite colors? As there are thousands of different sheds available in the fashion market and you can synchronize various colors. You can work on an identical color, specific colors, for example, olive oil and midnight blue or walnut may look first-class during daytime or nighttime but how can you know about these colors unless until you try. Indian models are not afraid to try any color in   ethnic outfit because these conventional attires like kurtis, salwar suits, and sarees are designed in multicolor prints and patterns and never fail to pull out gorgeous look

    #3. Jewelry selection

    A Girl with a fair skin tone can wear Silver, steel, nickel, and platinum if fair skin girl goes with gold or bronze than jewelry can overshadow face charm. Brown skin is suitable with any metal, but dark skin girl has to stay away from Silver and platinum. Skinny girls should not wear bangles or a fancy bracelet with any dress, and a fancy watch looks perfect on hand. If you have noticed in a fashion, show that models do not set in full jewelry collection during ramp walk. Same way does not adorn with a complete set of jewelry.

     #4. Avoid skinny dresses

    If you have a perfect figure and height, it is acceptable to wear a skin-tight dress. You can flaunt the body shape for getting a sharp glance. Chubby girls should wear loose-fitting dresses such as designer Anarkali dress suits for cool gaze also bulky young girls can wear layered outfits to hiding body parts. Many plus size models smartly hide body curves by adorning printed kurtis and mix-match combination.

    #5. Select superb glasses

    Even if you are in a traditional outfit, you should show off sunglasses to add extra trendiness on overall appearance. You go to online select 4 or 5 frames suitable to your face and match it with your outfit when you go outside during the day.  During night time function, Girls should wear everyday glasses to become a center of attraction.

    #6. Stand up tall and confident

    Inner confidence is the main thing because the way you stand up and walk with confidence can attract many people towards you. Many well-dressed girls are not looking impressive because of the posture they create during standing and walking.

    #7. Don’t afraid of trying a unique style

    Fashion is in your mind even you sometimes like the unique outfit, but you don’t try it because you think the gear doesn’t suit you but how can you know without trying anything. Models are not afraid to try anything new because they don’t care about what people say behind the back.

    #8. Dry-clean the outfits properly

    Models use apparel that is properly dry-cleaned by professionals because neat and well-ironed dresses give best gaze. As a reason maintain your costly cloth well and pile up in your wardrobe in proper manner so when you dress up it looks always shiny on you

    #9. Hair Style

    This is important factor that you should remember first. Your hair style must go along with your clothing. Hair style tend to change the look of face and should be best suited along with your dress, color, weight and height. If you still unsure then google the celebrity who have similar figure like you and check out the pictures of them which would give brief idea what hair you should have.

    #10. According occasion

    Do not be a topic for a party where people would make joke of you. Understand the occasion where you are going and what kind of people are coming. Know the theme of event and wear according to that. If it’s an official event then its always a good idea to wear a formal clothing. If its some kind of theme party or theme event then carry yourself according to theme.

    #11. According to weather

    Check out the weather condition and never compromise with your health. Some people think some dress is too good for them and they always prefer wearing same when they have some special day. Let me correct you, people out there might question you if you are wearing your favorite jacket on hot summer.

    #12. Don’t be too trendy

    Choosing too trendy clothes by watching someone on fashion tv can be disaster for you. Think before you are wearing them, in case if its not going along with your current dressing or you are not comfortable wearing them then its always right decision to change. We are not saying not be trendy sometimes you need a time to know more about that clothing and need to watch out friend wearing them. In fashion industry every day different style of clothing is launched and main question rises can you wear them and are you comfortable?


    Certainly, you can wear according to yourself and no one has any right to say. Here we are just bringing some points that we have found after spending lot of hours by talking to ladies and digging internet.

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