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    4 Denim Styles For Every Occasion

    Denim has been around for a long time. It was primarily used as a sturdy material for a strong pair of jeans in the West. They were regarded as more practical because they don’t tear as easily as other clothes. When they were made with copper rivets in places where it usually tears, it became more popular. The reinforced denim pants prototype started the jeans trend where it was first invented for practicality, but it wasn’t until much later that it was utilized to be more fashionable.

    The main reasons why people loved the denim jeans because it can be worn every day and each wear makes it softer. Denim jeans continued to become popular in the 1940s but it wasn’t until the films that showcased protagonists wearing them did it spread like a mania to the general public.

    It became even more popular in the 1980s with models and celebrities spearheading the trend and it being a fad hasn’t gone away since then. In fact, there seem to be no signs of it going away as it became a wardrobe necessity for any household.

    Nowadays, denim jeans are usually used for casual looks and ensemble and are generally accepted in most establishments. They are generally preferred for the comfort and protection it offers. There are many styles that have come out since its popularity and here some that you can wear for certain occasions:

    #1. Jeans

    Jeans are the most common style of denims and there’s a chance that you and most people around the world own more than one pair. The fad for jeans always changes from time to time but the use of denim fabric never changes. At some point in your life, you may have owned a variety of jean styles including frayed, cropped, wide leg, pre-faded, and many more.

    Everyone can agree that denim jeans are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing out there. You can almost never go wrong with pairing it with any type of top. As comfortable as it is, it can be too hot and suffocating in the summer. That is why jeans are usually favored to be worn during most seasons and maybe except during the summer unless of course, it’s the tattered type of jeans that give your legs more breathing room. The general consensus also states that they cannot be worn during semi-formal to formal occasions since there are other garments that can be used for those events.

    #2. Shorts

    Denim shorts are usually associated with fashions that are mostly seen in tropical areas or even countries. It goes perfectly with shirts, tees, crop tops, and this style is usually worn by girls on the beach but it is perfectly suitable as a summer wear because it is sturdy and protective enough. It can sometimes be worn with a light sweater or jacket.

    It is generally ruled that shorts are firmly in the casual territory. Denim shorts can be worn for any kind of casual event like for ordinary gathering with friends and family or even on the beach. Unless the fabric is made with another material that is not denim, there may be some exceptions to that rule considering the evolution of style for either men or women.

    #3. Skirts

    Denim skirts are a popular choice among women as well. They range from fitted pencil types to flowing midi-lengths. Either style can be worn casually and just like its shorts counterpart, they look great with a majority of tops and footwear. This type of clothing is popular among women in tropical countries, foreigners on vacation.

    It is also worn by people during warmer climates like spring and summer. Depending on what type of denim skirt, some women layer it with other clothing if they do use it during autumn or even winter. Similar to the skirt, shorts are deemed to be worn best for casual occasions only.

    #4. Jackets

    Denim jackets are great pieces of outerwear and they can be used during colder nights, fall, and even winter. To stay warm during colder climates, it is often layered with other inner garments because it is a great layering jacket. It can be paired with other denim bottoms but usually in different-colored washes for contrast. They come in different types, sizes, and textures as well but the classic cut blue denim remains one of the most popular.

    When wearing a denim jacket, dark washes are recommended for those looking to slim down their silhouette. The cut of the garment should be just around the waist unless it’s a crop type of denim jacket. However, nowadays it depends on what type of look you’re going for as people are starting to embrace the baggy clothing trend more including jackets.

    Denim Can Be Dressed Up

    The style of today is definitely more lax compared to the years before. Denims are still seen as unacceptable for a majority of formal functions but there are ways to get around it. All you need are a pair of denims that are soft enough to look and pass off as trousers.

    Another tip is that it should fit you properly like a good-fitting glove. Accessorize as you would like when you wear your formal clothing normally. The shoes will tie the entire ensemble so choose carefully and if you’re not sure, there are guides out there that can help you.

    Own too many Denim Pieces?

    If you’re unsure on how many denim pieces you have in your closet, now would be a good time to check. If you think you own an excessive amount of denim clothing, you can let go of some of them either by donating them, selling them by consignment, or selling the clothes directly online. After all, it’s easy to create a website for selling items nowadays. Either way, you can free up vital closet space and your old clothes would be more useful to someone else.

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