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    4 Myths Surrounding Human Growth Hormone (and How Alexy Goldstein Is Setting the Record Straight)

    Human growth hormone (HGH) is a wonder drug. Or, depending upon who you ask, it’s far from it. There appears to be no middle ground on this naturally occurring substance. What is the truth about HGH? What does it do?

    To get to the bottom of what HGH really does, I talked to New U Life founder, Alexy Goldstein.

    Goldstein is trying to change attitudes about HGH and show people what it can really do. He told me what his company does, what they’re doing with natural ways of supporting HGH production, and how people misunderstand the potential of this unique substance.

    1. ‘HGH Works Like Steroids’

    HGH is a banned substance in most major sports leagues. In fact, athletes caught using it will often be banned from their sports.

    This evokes memories of time periods like the so-called “Steroid Era” of baseball, where home run records were being set and broken on a regular basis by men with far more muscle mass than was naturally possible. But is HGH really able to produce results like this?

    HGH is not going to make you into a steroid monster

    says Goldstein

    “Steroids are a completely different substance to HGH. HGH has been shown in clinical studies to have an effect on lean muscle mass versus fat, true. But most athletes claim to use it for injury recovery, and studies have shown no statistically significant effect on sports performance. It’s good for changing your muscle to fat distribution, but it’s not going to have you suddenly knocking baseballs over the back fence.”

    Steroids directly affect testosterone levels, and their side effects are well known and well-studied. The problems are known. HGH does not have anything near the same side effects, especially when administered in the right method and with the proper dosage.

    2. ‘HGH Will Literally Make You Young Again’

    Our supply of HGH diminishes as we age. As we get older, HGH levels go down, and in some people, they go down significantly. HGH hormone therapy is a well-known therapy used for specific medical conditions, as well as broader applications.

    You can’t go back to your 20s with HGH

    says Goldstein

    “No one can do that for you. Our skin loosens as we get older, our bones get more brittle, we lose muscle tone. That’s a fact of life. But we can slow that loss with proper nutrition, supplementing and living a healthy lifestyle.”

    It’s rumored that Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon found Florida in his search for the fabled Fountain of Youth. That fountain doesn’t exist, as Ponce de Leon found. There’s no wonder drug that can turn the clock in reverse and give you your younger vigor and vitality.

    But proper health, supplements, and diet can help you slow your aging process and HGH can also help support this process.

    3. ‘You Can Never Take Too Much HGH’

    HGH has well-known side effects

    says Goldstein

    “It’s been used for treatments of some medical conditions for many years and the pluses and minuses of that hormone replacement therapy have been well studied. And the people that have gone overboard on HGH have seen side effects that may outweigh the benefits. If you get it right it works well, but if you get it wrong it can be a problem.”

    Not every HGH treatment is created equal, but Goldstein has worked to provide a formula through his company that uses key ingredients, with a good dosage and a good delivery method.

    4. ‘HGH Is Unsafe’

    HGH has some side effects if taken in hormone replacement therapy

    says Goldstein

    “There are ways to support the natural, pulsatile release of endogenous (naturally-occurring) growth hormone. For example, SomaDerm® uses a key ingredient called Mucuna pruriens, the velvet bean, that’s been shown in some studies to temporarily increase natural growth hormone by 800 percent over baseline. We can debate about the benefit this confers, but the results are impressive.”

    Some people think of HGH as a panacea that solves any problem, while others think that it is the same as anabolic steroids. The truth is that growth hormone is naturally released in our bodies and fulfills many vital physiological functions. SomaDerm utilizes these same natural pathways to continue supporting healthy, normal growth hormone levels.

    If you’re worried about the side effects of HGH, the information is out there. Goldstein and his team at New U Life aim to make that information more transparent. They’re trying to demystify HGH and its side effects. With the proper dosage and delivery method, side effects can be minimized and primary supporting benefits maximized.

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