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    5 Reasons Why Bucharest Should be your Next Travel Destination

    Situated on the crossroads of many mighty empires throughout history in the most controversial part of Europe. Romanian identity today represents country built on ancient foundations and newly formed economic powerhouse. Hidden for decades from the eyes of foreign travelers the Bucharest opens its doors today to millions of satisfied visitors. Here are five reasons why you should visit Romanian capital:

    #1. Arguably the biggest party hub in Eastern Europe

    It should not come to you as a shock that thousands of man chose Bucharest stag do weekend for their bachelor experience. It is the fiery party spirit of its residents combined with very affordable prices and a wide range of provocative clubs that paints the image of Bucharest nightlife. The best clubs in Bucharest are very similar to those found in Amsterdam or Prague yet not so scattered across the city which makes moving through different styles of nightlife in Bucharest a lot easier.
    Not to mention the unique outlook of Romanian ladies who are both attractive and show particular interest in foreign visitors.
    It would be wise to and come to see for yourself why they say all across Europe today that in many ways there is no party like a party in Bucharest.

    #2. The residential place of Count Dracula

    Curtea Veche, the old princely court, was once the residential palace of the princes of Wallachia, including legendary Vlad Tepes, also known as Vlad the Impaler. Who of course inspired the famous story of Dracula created by Bram Stoker. The Museum of the Old Court exhibits stunning ceramics and objects that were found among its ruins.
    There is a tour that in one day takes you to explore the other castles related to Count Dracula’s mysterious history in the Romanian countryside.
    Dedicated fans can take a half of hour drive from Bucharest city center to Snagov. It is located 25 miles of Bucharest, where remains of Vlad the Impaler lies buried on the beautiful island.

    #3. The remains of the ‘Little Paris’

    Bucharest was once known as the Little Paris of the East. Romanian capital flourished under the rule of King Charles I, who hired French architects to give his city that magnificent today’s appearance.However, much of that work was wrecked by the architecture of large concrete blocks of the socialist era. Calea Victoriei avenue still exhibits some elegant buildings and monuments in the Belle Époque style.

    The Cantacuzino Palace is one of them, built in an eclectic French style and now houses a museum dedicated to the Romanian art throughout history. Also you can check hotel accommodation at

    In the street Soseaua Kiseleff, you will also find a replica of the Arch of Triumph (Arcul de Triumf) 27 meters high, which was completed at the beginning of the 20th century and is very similar to the one found in Paris.

    #4. The famous gigantic Palace of Parliament

    This colossus of architecture holds several records. Romanian palace of the permanent is heaviest man-made building in the world, also the largest one in Europe with almost 371 thousand square meters and a thousand rooms. This is also the second largest administrative building (right after USA’s Pentagon).

    This tremendous building also wins in the competition for vastness and kitsch (or cheesy) style and serves as a testimony of the brutal dictatorship of Ceausescu. Thousands of workers died during the construction which gives the term “Brutalist architecture” the whole new meaning. Undoubtedly the most famous landmark of Bucharest and a must stop on your visit there.

    #5. Dozens of lush paradises

    Bucharest is surrounded by beautiful parks that hide amazing both artificial and natural lakes. The oldest one is Cismigiu Gardens it is designed in the mid-nineteenth century and marks of one of the most relaxing places in Bucharest. There is also the Park Herastrau Park that spreads on 400 hectares, with an open-air theatre and several public areas dedicated to recreation. This is one of the favorite spots for summer fun activities in this city. Last year the Romanian officials opened the largest urban beach In Europe. It spreads on 30,000 square meters of beach and can be found at Therme Bucharest.

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