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    5 Things Pets Owners Are Saying About CBD for Pets

    Pet treatment is one practice many observe because they have to ensure that these beautiful creatures are in the perfect state of health all the time. Many will hire veterinarians to take care of their pets by treating them or carrying out regular medical checkups. You can also administer specific treatments that will help keep your pet in good shape. One of the best treatments for pets currently is CBD. It is an extract of the hemp plant that is known for its medical benefits. CBD can treat a variety of conditions in humans and also animals. It is used to make a variety of products that can be used on pets. Some of the conditions in your pet that can be treated using CBD include anxiety, pain, and seizure. Many, who have managed to use have testified how useful it has been for to their pets.

    What Pet Owners Have to Say about CBD for Pets

    The following are testimonies from pet owners on how the use of this cannabis product has turned out for their creatures.

    It Is Good for Pet Treatment

    Many who have managed to use CBD for pets have confessed to how it has turned out to be effective on the health of their pets. Different people have used it to treat certain conditions facing their pets. One dog owner stated that his dog has recovered from anxiety after administering several doses of the product. Another cat owner that he gave CBD treats to his cat which was going through some pain and recovered after some time. With such revelations, we now know it is important to administer CBD to your pets for different treatments.

    Buying the Right Type

    Many admitted to going through some confusion when buying one from different stores. Something that has forced them to carry out some research or seek advice from experts and people they know. “I normally consult my veterinarian before buying any CBD product for my dog,” one pet owner stated. Some say they are aware of the different things they have to put into consideration like the origin of the CBD used in making such products and also whether a specific brand is licensed.

    Administering CBD to Pets

    Different people have stated the different things they have done to settle for the right dose for their pets. “Before getting the right dose, I started with little amounts as I kept monitoring if there is any progress or the condition of my dog is improving. I added a little bit of the dose I was giving to my dog before settling on the right amount,” one pet owner stated. Many have sought guidance from the CBD dosage chart which has proved to be very helpful. “It helped me settle for the right milligram to give my cat.” Another pet owner said. Most of them have not had a difficult time when administering CBD to their pets.

    CBD Pet Products

    There is a variety of CBD pet products out there which many pet owners are using. “I find CBD spray the best for my dog since it offers the best treatment for the anxiety it goes through. I normally administer to it by spraying in its mouth whenever I notice any signs of anxiety in it,” a pet owner stated. “CBD treats are the best for my little cat as it finds an easy time using it and it offers the best treatment. Purrs & Puffs from Medipets CBD is the one I buy for it most of the time,” another user said. There are those who said that CBD oil is one of their favorite pet products and the best way they administer it is by mixing it with the pet food they have bought which makes consumption easier and also brings out the best results from use.

    Any Side Effects

    “My pet has never experienced any after effect after using these CBD products despite administering it in different doses. This was my biggest fear because the first thing that came to my mind was my pet getting high after using these products. Well, everything turned out to be different because it got better with time as I was trying to find the right dose,” a happy pet owner said.


    What we have seen is that most pet owners who have had the chance of giving CBD to their pets were contented. You must understand that using CBD cannot pose any side effects to your pet because it is non-psychoactive. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the substance in cannabis responsible for getting pets or humans high. Most CBD products don’t have THC so you should not be worried at all.  You should introduce your pet to this cannabis product to treat the different conditions it is going through and also keep it free from others.

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