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    6 Simple Workouts to Improve Your Posture

    Have you looked at yourself while sitting lately? If you’re like many people, the chances are, your posture is terrible, especially as the hours go by and the urge to slide down your chair intensifies.

    This slumped over position lengthens the fascia on the back of the body and chronic shoulder- neck and back pain invariably follows.

    Simple workouts and an active lifestyle can help to strengthen your muscles and improve your posture, and this better posture can reduce the burden of chronic aches and pains. In order to stay active, you should consider walking whenever you can. Additionally, you can take simple measures to correct your posture, such as wearing Protalus shoe insoles when you’ll be on your feet for prolonged periods of time.

    These workouts don’t just improve posture, they are ideal breaks for desk-bound workers and can be practiced throughout the day with some astonishing results.

    Hip-Lift for Strengthening the Glutes


    It’s amazing to think that the glutes are the most powerful groups of muscles in the human body. They are found in the buttocks. They’re important for all the body’s movements, and in a weak state, the posture suffers. This exercise will strengthen your glutes and relieve pain.

    • Lie on your back on a floor mat, arms at your sides.
    • Knees must be bent and feet on the floor.
    • Lift your hips and hold for 1 count and lower yourself back down.
    • Repeat these lifts for a minute, squeezing the glutes and hamstrings.
    • You can also extend one leg at the top of the lift, keeping the thighs parallel, holding the lifted position for about 5 seconds.
    • Place foot back on the floor and lower hips.
    • Repeat on the other leg.

    Locust Pose or Salabhasana Strengthens the Limbs

    Locust Pose

    This is a simple exercise from yoga that has a host of health benefits. Apart from invigorating the entire body, it strengthens the limbs, which are so important for maintaining good posture. The back is also toned and strengthened, encouraging a healthy posture.

    • Lie on your abdomen, placing your hands by your side.
    • Inhale and lift your legs and upper torso.
    • Lift one leg upwards without bending the knee.
    • Your weight must be resting on your lower ribs and abdomen.
    • Hold your pose for a minute and then release.
    • Switch legs and repeat.

    Abdominal Crunch Helps You Stand Straighter

    Abdominal Crunch

    A strong core can help with reducing lower back pain. Crunches help build the muscles in the abdomen which helps to improve posture. The core muscles’ main job is to support your spine, and this abdominal exercise is a great help for improving posture, and more specifically the backside of your body, helping you to stand up straighter.

    • Lie down on your back.
    • Lift your feet so your knees are at a 90° angle to your body. You can make it easier if you want to by resting your feet on a chair.
    • Cross     your hands in front of your chest or behind your head.
    • Draw your belly button in to the base of your spine.
    • Sit up so that your chest reaches your knees making use of your abdominal muscles.
    • Try and achieve 10 of these.

    Low Plank Strengthens the Back

    Low Plank

    This is an exercise which strengthens the core and back, both important for good posture.

    • Go down onto all fours.
    • Place your arms next your body close to your chest
    • Bend your elbows so your forearms are flat on the floor.
    • Using your forearms as your foundation, lift up your body slowly upwards
    • Lift your heels, straighten your legs and lift your hips.
    • Straighten your back and hold your abdominal, arm, and leg muscles.
    • Lengthen the back of your neck and look down at the floor.
    • Keep chest open and shoulders back.
    • Hold the position for a minute.

    Cat Pose Improves Spine Flexibility

    Cat Pose

    This is a yoga pose which has many health benefits – stimulating the inner organs and also improving flexibility of the spine and improving your posture. People practicing yoga use this pose to actually warm up the spine, relieving tension in the back.

    • Go down on all fours.
    • Knees need to be on the ground directly under your hips and your palms on the ground.
    • With a neutral spine, breathe in, arch your back and allow your body to form a ‘U’ shape.
    • Pull stomach in and go through this exercise 5 to 10 times.

    Cobra Pose Strengthens Upper Back Muscles

    Cobra Pose

    Cobra pose is another yoga exercise that strengthens your upper back helps improve posture, especially people with a hunched upper back (such as in kyphosis).

    • Lie on the floor face down
    • Place your hands next to your shoulders, fingers pointing forward. A variation is to keep your arms spread out.
    • Press down from your pubic bone as you arch and lift your upper back
    • Slowly tilt your head backwards as you lift your chest off the floor.
    • This exercise can be repeated 10 times.


    Good posture ranks high on the list for being healthy, happy and confident. With head protruding forwards and hunched shoulders, your whole state suffers as people perceive you as depressed, unmotivated, and unattractive.

    Apart from exercising, it’s also important to maintain good posture while you’re sitting and standing. All together, you can slowly improve your posture.

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