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    6 Ways To Improve The Inside And Outside Of Your Home

    Every once in a while, you feel the urge to change up your living space. You wish for a transition, a higher level of comfort, or an upgrade. But this is what may limit the potential to revamp your home: renovations and installations are often time-consuming. However, the process can be simplified.

    Let’s explore the Six ways to improve the inside and outside of your home, without being overbearing.

    #1. Adding Life

    This can be done by adding plants, a fish aquarium, or both! Plants vary in prices, so you can add some to your space according to your budget. A pop of green goes a long way to perk up a living space! They can be hung on ceilings, added to table tops, or be trailing down shelves.

    Want to spruce up the overall look of the entrance? A large fern or palm in a corner of the living room will instantly make it more welcoming.

    Alternatively, you can also profit from professional aquarium installation in NJ of a custom fish tank. Aquariums look beautiful and are enjoyed by both residents and guests. They also serve as a great conversation starter. Plus, the different species of fish will add colors and liveliness to any space.

    #2. Installing High Curtains

    If your curtain rod is closer to your window than it is to your ceiling, move it up! Replace your old curtains with long curtains. You can choose a flowy material to create an elegant look. Your room will instantly look bigger.

    #3. Changing Fixtures

    Adding new light fixtures or replacing old ones will have a huge impact on your room. This is an easy way to upgrade a living space, without having to change a lot. A modern structured chandelier on top of a dining table and an oversized reading lamp set in a reading corner will create a unique ambiance.

    If you’re unable to decide anything for the porch, you can hang a post lantern for the outside of your home. Post lanterns are a look that is new and easy on the eye. Besides, this lighting will create a warm and welcoming entrance for the guests.

    #4. Choosing the Rugs

    Rugs add a lot of personality to any space. Indoor and outdoor rugs are available in infinite designs and colors. Small ones can be added under sofas. Centerpieces help make a room cohesive. A soft furry one can add texture and make a room more feminine. So, add a pop of color or choose a neutral, textured one to up your living room.

    #5. Getting the Perfect Combination of Upholstery, Throw Pillows And Cushions

    Changing up upholstery will give a new spin to a room. The entire color palette of a room can be changed by simply changing the upholstery on the existing furniture. Get the look by mixing and matching old throw pillows with new ones.

    Love the comfort provided by floor cushions? You can add these to the living room if you prefer an increased seating space along with comfort.

    #6. Gallery Wall

    Gallery walls always end up looking great. You can mix and match to your heart’s content to create a wall that makes you happy. Prints, photographs of beautiful sceneries, or decorative frames will do the magic. Hang them together on an empty wall for an instant upgrade or use one of these gallery wall ideas to make all the difference.

    Small changes can make a massive difference in your living space, inside the house or out! So do not be shy about making a change and improving your lifestyle. Remember this: spending time in beautiful spaces is essential for a healthy, functioning mind and body. Challenge your creativity now and see the difference in your home décor.

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