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    7 Sneaky Signs You’re Drinking Too Much

    At some point in our life we all have encountered someone who has a habit of drinking too much. I think I speak for everyone when I say it’s not a pretty picture. Alcoholism may be glamorized on screen but real life accounts beg to differ. Safe to say it’s no joke. That’s why it’s important to know when to stop. Here we have listed the 7 signs that might be sneaking their way past your vision to alarm you of your drinking getting out of hand.

    #1. Friends / Family expressing that they are worried about your drinking

    If your friends have flagged the number of your drinks as too many or even a little too much, it’s time to stop. The consumption of alcohol is something that people tend to mint or and if someone close to you claims to have seen you crossing the threshold of the safe zone. It’s best to analyse your choices in retrospect and give this notion a consideration. Those around you may have picked up on things that you might have let slip.

    #2. Responsibilities have been slipping through your fingers

    People who get involved with alcoholism have a tendency to ignore and forgo their responsibilities and commitments. The fact that you’re behind on bills and taxes should be reason enough to alert you that something isn’t right. You forget the important stuff and precede deadlines. Not only is it concerning but also harmful to your life.

    #3. You have been waking up with a hangover too often

    If you have been waking up with a headache as bad as someone who had received a blow from a jackhammer and have been spending more than just a few minutes throwing up in your toilet then that is a huge red flag. Hangovers are born of too much drinking. Had you been just a little tipsy , you wouldn’t have had a hangover. Take note of how often this has been happening, if the number is anywhere 3+ in a month, then you got a problem.

    #4. You tend to drink when you’re stressed

    A night out and having fun with friends is a good thing. Catching a break once in a while is necessary but if you turn to liquor as soon as something seems to stress you out a little, then you should definitely be alarmed.  Using the alcoholic bliss as an outlet for your emotions can never result in anything good.

    #5. Subtle health issues have been emerging

    The path down this road is a rocky one.  Lasting damage is done to your mind, body and spirit. People who have had experiences with alcoholism have confirmed that you don’t notice it and before you can notice, you’re in too deep. So if you notice issues like improper digestion or impromptu headaches, lookout. They may be due to the fact that you have been exerting your liver and your hindbrain.

    #6. You feel guilty

    Even after a supposedly fun night if you wake up with this feeling in your gut that’s telling you that this was a bad idea, then you should take measures. That is your subconscious self evaluating your conscious selfie decisions. You know you have to stop when you yourself are worried about your drinking.

    #7. You have been making reckless decisions

    Recklessness is the biggest red flag. If you suddenly have started to act like a college frat boy then you need to re-evaluate  your life choices. Alcohol may be called liquid courage but it will result for some solid regret. Make sure that you don’t get in trouble but if that has already happened then you don’t need to check for any further indicators. This is what tells you that put down the glass and pick up yourself.

    To conclude, all of these signs are common indicators off people who need to keep their drinking in check. If you have them, don’t worry. Talk to someone who you can confide in and get past it. Take up a hobby, join a club ( preferably a book club ), spend time with your loved ones. And if you still feel lost, seek professional help.

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