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    8 Glamorous Makeup Looks for Different Occasions

    Makeup is an essential part of life, especially for women. No one would like to step out of their houses without wearing makeup. Wearing good makeup not only makes you look beautiful but also boosts one’s confidence. However, there are different makeup looks for different occasions to channel out one’s true beauty. One can also visit the MixTrade to get a fair idea of the latest trends of make-ups.

    #1. Smokey-Eye Look:

    This classic makeup is an all-time favorite. This effortlessly ultra-glamorous look can be pulled off easily whether it is a special occasion, a festival or a party, this look just never goes out of trend. All you need for this look is dark-brown eyeshadow, kohl pencil, smudger brush, eyeliner and oodles of mascara. Apply kohl pencil on your waterline and with the help of a smudger brush, smudge out the kohl and apply dark brown eyeshadow on your crease and a jet black eyeliner on your eyelids.

    Enhance your look by applying mascara on your lashes. This will give your eyes an ultra-dramatic look. For lips, you can go for pinkish nude shades of lipstick to complement your look. This look is sure to make you stand out in the crowd and enhance your real beauty.

    #2. Dewy Makeup Look:

    Getting a dewy-glowy look on your skin all naturally is still a dream for many but you can get this look with the help of right makeup. Dewy skin look is just perfect whether it is your workplace or an outing with friends and family. This all-natural makeup look just cannot go out of style.

    The first step is to cleanse your skin with a good cleanser. Use a primer or moisturizer to prepare your skin for the application of makeup. Apply the foundation shade matching to your skin tone and mix it evenly. Apply the highlighter on your jawline, bridge of the nose and below the brow bone to highlight the features. The most important step is to set your makeup, for that always use a good makeup spray as this will help you out in pulling off your makeup for a longer period.

    #3. Glittery-Eye Makeup Look:

    In this dynamic generation were experimenting with colors has become a trend, how come one can ignore this super-glamorous glitter eye makeup look. This look has become an all-time favorite for parties, prom night and festivities. All you need for this look is a palette of glittery color eyeshadow. In ace, this look, all you have to do is to apply eyeshadow on your crease and mascara on your lashes. To enhance your look, you can also apply shimmery eyeliner on your eyelids.

    Just remember one trick if you are using a darker shade of glittery eyeshadow on your crease then for lips always opt for a nude shade lip color and if you are using a light shade of glittery eyeshadow on your crease then for lips, always opt for darker or neon shades. To enhance your look, use highlighter and blush.

    #4. Rose-Gold Makeup Look:

    This spell-bounding makeup look is becoming favorite for brunch, weddings, and parties. This stunning look comprises of shimmery rose-gold eyeshadow, mascara, blushed cheeks and cheery red lip color. Apply brown eye shadow on your crease and then apply shimmery rose-gold eyeshadow on your crease. Apply oodles of mascara on your lashes to complete your eye makeup. For the face, use blush and highlighter to enhance your look and for lips, apply a cheery-red shade of lip color. Set your makeup with the help of a makeup spray.

    #5. The classic “no-makeup” makeup look:

    These classic evergreen makeup looks are perfect for the workplace, outings and traveling. This makeup look is inspired by the concept of “less is more”. This effortlessly classic makeup looks is super easy to carry, be it day or night. This all-natural makeup look can be achieved by applying a light foundation or a BB cream on your face. Apply little tint of blush on your cheeks. For eyes, apply a Kajal on your waterline and eyeliner on your upper eyelids along with mascara on your lashes. Complete your look with by applying nude shades of peach and pink lip color on your lips.

    #6. Photogenic Makeup Look:

    If you don’t want to don a heavy makeup look but still want to look flawlessly beautiful in photos, then look is definitely for you. The simple rule of this makeup look is “ace the base” and this makeup look works perfectly for formal meetings, traveling brunch and outings. In this makeup look, the main focus is on to make your skin look effortlessly perfect. This look can be achieved by hydrating your face with a moisturizer and then apply primer to set the base for makeup.

    Then apply the best suitable foundation and apply concealer to blur those imperfections. The last step is to apply highlighter on your face and fill your brows with an eyebrow pencil to make them look fuller and well-defined.

    #7. Peachy Makeup Look:

    This look is perfect for daytime especially brunches. Hydrate your face with a moisturizer and apply primer to set a base for makeup. Now apply the foundation and concealer. Use a highlighter to enhance your facial features. Use a peachy or light pinkish shade of eyeshadow on the crease along with a thin stroke of eyeliner. Apply blush on your cheeks and fill your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil to make them look fuller and beautiful. Complete your looks by applying a peachy or pinkish nude shade of lip color.

    #8. The Everyday Makeup Look:

    The moment you think of stepping out of your house, the first thought which comes to your mind is the correct makeup. In the daily course, keep your makeup light and simple. Hydrate your face with an oil-free moisturizer and apply a light foundation or BB cream on your skin. If you have oily skin, use compact powder to set your foundation. Apply a light shade of eye-shadow on crease and thin stroke of eyeliner on upper eyelids. Apply a little blush on your cheeks and fill your brows. For lips, choose a pinkish shade of nude to complement the look.

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