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    8 Health Benefits of Heavy Bag Work Outs

    Did you know that gaining strength, fighting stress, improving the silhouette and even learning self-defense can be achieved with a by training with a heavy bag? In case you don’t really know what the heavy bag is, you can call it the punching bag. This accessory is amazing! Not only to hit him again and again, which by the way is physically demanding, but to vary your exercise routines and make your training more complete.

    Although your goal is not to practice this sport, it is no wonder to discover the benefits of training with a heavy bag. To renounce its use is to lose the possibility of practicing very simple exercises that will be much more effective than any sport discipline. Read through and discover some of the health benefits of doing exercises that are related to the heavy bag.

    #1. Strengthens your cardiovascular system

    One of the health benefits of training with a heavy bag is that it allows you to do any kind of cardio exercises like kickboxing and kneeing. All these disciplines strengthen your cardiovascular system, tone and strengthen your muscles, burn fat, increase bone density and elasticity of the connective tissue.

    By hitting and kicking the heavy bag at least two minutes, your heart beats faster, which increases your heart rate and oxygen circulation supply, resulting in greater strength to your heart and lungs.

    As you exercise your heart and lungs, you work harder to supply enough oxygen throughout the body, increasing resistance and endurance

    #2. Improvement on reflexes and co-ordination

    When training with a heavy bag notes that when hitting it moves from one side to another, this movement makes you stay alert on your return. This allows you to improve coordination. The best example to corroborate this coordination and balance “mind-body”, you can see it in boxers and martial artists, who have managed to have an excellent position when moving their weight from one foot to another.

    To achieve a better coordination will undoubtedly give you an excellent balance to your movements, which translates into less risk of falls and blows. So start your training routine without forgetting to stay alert, move your weight and surround the bag while hitting it.

    #3. Decrease stress Free yourself from stress!

    Training with a boxing bag is very useful for releasing tension, but it is also a physically exhausting and aggressive exercise. In addition, it allows the release of accumulated toxins and endorphins in the body. The former reduce stress levels and improve the immune system. The second, counteract the feeling of depression and pain caused after the exercise routine.

    #4. Develop explosive force

    This for sure is one of the most important benefit of training with a heavy bag. Whenever you throw a punch, with all your strength you are using the muscles of the upper segments because they contract, which also does not leave out the biceps, deltoids and triceps. So in order to give a well calculated strike to the bag it requires constant movement and very quicker movement like small quick jumps just as said earlier to balance our weight.

    #5. Resistance and burning of more calories

    During the time we training with a heavy bag the aerobic metabolism will be activated permanently, working the cardiorespiratory system in a different way than normal, as it can be in the case of a treadmill. At the same time that we are toning we get to burn more calories. It is also a safe and recommended way to for people who would love to burn more calories and lose weight.

    #6. Self-defense skills

    It is common to associate a heavy bag with your worst enemy. Who has not happened? Even in psychological therapy sessions they give you, if not a heavy bag, at least a pillow for you to discharge your fury. But, in certain situations, would you be able to hit someone with a hit?

    The most appropriate punches and kicks are classified as “gross motor skills”. These gross motor skills are simple, great muscular actions that do not deteriorate under stress. In fact, the shock of adrenaline from fear or anger, which will probably accompany a combat situation, will improve your performance.

    In your training routine, you can include strategies to develop self-defense skills, not only using the body to defend yourself, but you will develop the mental capacity necessary to fight against your attacker.

    Some techniques conducive to training with a heavy bag include: Blow Lead (jab), cross (reverse punch), hook punch, uppercut, blow forearm / elbow, roundhouse kick, front kick, kick and knee blow.

    Certainly, hitting a boxing bag and a real fight is not the same, but it can help you perfect and turn your punches and kicks into powerful self-defense weapons.

    #7. Fun

    The main reason to start exercising, besides the benefits it brings to your health, is fun. If you choose a physical activity that bores you, it is much more difficult for you to achieve the objectives set out in your training routine. Although using a heavy bag is usually a painful and hard job, it is always a lot of fun.

    #8. Motivation

    This is the last benefit of training with a heavy bag that we are going to share with you, and this is really for the sporty ones, who might as well be into boxing, kickboxing and related sports. Anytime you train with the heavy bag there is always this motivation you get because performing such physical exercise discharges adrenaline and just as said earlier, this is a perfect way for most people to free themselves from the stress of the day. You can accompany your punches with suiting music, for sure you get this elevated feeling from worries and problems. The motivation really helps your sporty life, an emotional drive to continue what you are doing.

    As we have seen, that when training with the heavy bag, we are doing a complete and wholesome training with series that help us physiologically, psychologically and aerobic strength. You could spice things up by doing preparatory lessons of jumping  with ropes, s few press ups a sure good way to warm up.

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