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    8 Tips for Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling Abroad

    Travelling is fun, but before you start travel you need to do a lot of planning. Whether it’s planning about the minute details of the tour or about how to meet the financials in the foreign country, you need to consider everything and be careful. Although most countries are safe to travel now but you need to be very careful, especially with your financials. A simple mindlessness can cost you a lot, thus here are eight tips that will help you in keeping your money safe while you are travelling abroad.

    Take photos of your debit and credit cards before you leave

    Before you leave it is best to take snaps of your debit and credit cards and other important documents and email them to yourself. This way, in case there is any theft or any other problem you will be able to report them fast. Moreover, when you have the details of your cards with you, even if they are physically lost you can get the bills paid through them as you have the details along with you. It is safe to carry them but you must take precautions.

    Limit Cash Transactions

    The best thing is that you do not carry too much cash with you. If you are carrying cash there are few problems, like you can overspend them or they can be snatched away easily. Instead use credit cards that will make sure that your cash is not robbed anyway!

    In case, you have cash running out you can get it transferred from your home bank account easily. For the big payments it is always best to transfer the funds to that account where you are making payment, instead of giving them cash. It is necessary to maintain safety when sending money as the account where you are sending money may also be a trap. Thus, make sure that you are transferring payments to only those accounts are have good credit, like bank account of the hotel where you are staying.

    Use Multi-stash Method

    You may be one who feels more comfortable with cash or you may be travelling to a country where cash transactions are preferred over credit. You can carry cash but plan out how to distribute the cash in different places so that in case one is lost you have the option of getting cash from other places where you have kept it. In order to reduce the impact of any theft keeping the cash in different places, like some in your wallet, some in your handbag, some in safe in hotel and others.

    You can sew a secret pocket in your dress where you can keep some emergency cash. The idea is that you need to distribute the total cash in such way that even if there is a theft you are still with cash in your hands.

    Avoid Secluded ATMs

    It is good idea to not carry too much cash but withdraw them when necessary. However, while you withdraw cash from any ATM you need to be very careful. Visit those ATMs that are in a bank. Most of the time they are protected and you can withdraw money easily. However, if you do not find one easily try to visit those where there are other people and the ATM is well covered. Visit ATMs during daytime until and unless there are huge emergency at night.

    Carry More Than One Card

    While travelling do not rely on a single card! There may be many instances when you may lose the card and then you will not be able to meet your bills! Thus, it is best to carry more than one card along with you and do not keep them at the same wallet. Always keep them in two separate places. If you are travelling with a [partner then it is a good idea that you distribute your cards  among yourself. In case one faces problem other will still have the resources.

    Carry a Dummy Wallet

    There are places where the rate of robbery is very high and you may get hold up easily. For such places it is best to carry a dummy wallet. Have less amount of cash and few expired debit and credit cards in them. In this way you can baffle the rogues. Hand them the wallet, but do not do it very easily, as then they may get suspicious. Keep your real wallet in a safer place, may be some hiding place in your pants. However, remember that you are not going to check out for them until and unless you are at a safe place.

    Protect your Devices with Password

    While you are taking care of your wallet and other things where you are keeping cash or cards, you must be also careful about the devices you are carrying. Nowadays your smartphone has all the passwords. If someone steals that they can get access to your financials easily. Thus, ensure that you have password protected all your devices, be that your laptop or your smartphone.

    Use a Money Belt

    Irrespective of whether you are carrying cash or credit, your body is the safest place where you can carry your funds. Thus, you need to think of something that will make it safe and a money belt is a good option. It reduces the risk of theft while you are travelling. These belts are so designed that they can fit comfortably across your stomach your waist and you can keep cash or cards at the fabric zipped pouch that they have.

    Before you dress you need to position the belt properly and place your clothes so that it is not easily visible.  Once you zip the pouch your cards and cash is safe from pickpockets.

    Final words

    The way you behave during travelling will decide how safe you are. Don’t be naïve while travelling, keep your eyes open. While in a crowded place make sure that you are careful. Thieves target these places, especially for tourists. Follow local guidelines and be careful, you can enjoy your journey and stay abroad.

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