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    8 Ways to Bring Charm to Your Home’s Exterior

    As a homeowner, many of us spend hour after hour ensuring the interior is spick and span for whoever walks through the front door. While it’s great to put your concentration and effort into sprucing up what’s on the inside, it’s important not to forget about the exterior.

    When guests pull up to your property, you will want to create the best first impression, so whether you’re looking to wow your nearest and dearest, or you are planning to sell your home in the near future, here are 8 things you can do to bring charm to your home’s exterior.

    #1. Go Green

    If you’re looking to boost your property’s curb appeal, the first place to start is by adding some flowers and fresh greenery. Sprucing up the exterior of your property will show guests and potential home buyers that you take good care of your home. We’re all aware of how serious climate change is, so for those who want to do their bit for the environment and be more eco-conscious, adding some window boxes and planters can not only add to your property’s exterior appearance but provide tons of health benefits too.

    #2. Take Care of Your Front Lawn

    If you have a front lawn, it’s important that you maintain it. Regularly caring for your lawn can be done in numerous ways, such as by raking off leaves, mowing the grass, as well as pulling weeds. As long as you take regular care of your front lawn, it won’t seem like too big a project. If you live in an area that is prone to dry grass, why not consider lawn alternatives such as artificial turf or shrub beds?

    #3. Change Your Door

    Your front door can say a lot about your personality and style. If you’re putting your house on the market and want a quick sale, potential homebuyers need to be wowed from the get-go. Investing in a front door that is welcoming and sets the scene for what’s on the inside of your home will get the viewing off to a good start. Check out companies like American Vision Windows who specialize in door replacement and door installation. This company can assist with door replacements, as well as other services such as replacing your windows.

    #4. Embrace Symmetry

    If you’re struggling to create a focal point for the exterior of your home, opting for symmetrical patterns is the best place to start. Not only are they more pleasing to look at, but symmetrical patterns will instantly make your property look more homely and put together. You can achieve this look by purchasing matching wall lanterns or plants that can be placed on either side of your front door. If you don’t have a ton of space at your entryway, you can follow the same method around your garage door instead.

    #5. Let There Be Light

    If you have a dark entryway, this can set a bad tone before guests and potential home buyers walk into your property. If you already have a hanging pendant or sconce near your front door, why not invest in something a little more fresh and exciting? Once you’ve cleared away debris and cobwebs from your outdoor light fixtures, this will make your space look cleaner and brighter. There are additional light sources that can transform the exterior of your home too, such as solar-powered lights and porch string lights.

    #6. Add Some Décor

    Adding a few decorations to your front door can be a great way to liven up the exterior of your home and stamp your personality. When we think of wreaths, we instantly think of Christmas, however, there are wreaths that can be placed on your front door that suit all seasons and holidays. It’s best to purchase wreaths that are made from preserved or dried florals and greens.

    #7. Hide Electrical Features

    An electrical box on the outside of your property can really stand out (for all the wrong reasons!). Thankfully, a quick paint job can sort the problem out within an instant, making it blend in with the rest of your property. It’s advised to pick a color that matches your home’s siding, otherwise, it will become an eyesore and could turn potential homebuyers off.

    #8. Design a Clear Path

    To make your property look more inviting and well put together, creating a well-defined path should be at the top of your to-do list. If you’re up for a challenge, you can build one yourself from brick or stone, or pick an easier route and use visual cues like plants and lighting. Creating a clear and direct path to your front door either around a concrete walkway or through the grass will mean that guests can get into your home without any hassle.

    The exterior of your home can say a lot about you as a person. Whether it’s time for a much-needed makeover, or you’re looking to sell your home, there are lots of handy tips that can bring charm and appeal to the exterior.

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