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    Start an Acne Scars Smart Diet

    Studies have found that the diet plays an important role in controlling or contributing to an acne condition. This article will contain an overview of the absolute WORST culprits in the development of a full-blown acne condition. If you eat any of these foods regularly, try avoidingcne them for a full week and see if your condition hasn’t improved even just a bit.

    Cow’s Milk

    A study performed in 2010 showed a definite link in the consumption of cow’s milk and the development of an Acne condition. Although the scientific and medical community is still not sure why this is, there several theories.

    Insulin levels are also increased and this heightens the production of skin oils, or Sebum, it is the overproduction of sebum that allows the bacteria to affect clogged pores and this causes more Acne.

    Furthermore, much of the milk produced in today’s dairy industry is taken from pregnant cows, this means there are various hormones present that can affect an acne condition, for the worse. Then there are the growth hormones to worry about. While we are still not sure what the full extent of their effects may be, it is quite likely that an aggravated acne condition can be one such effect.

    Skin cell production is also improved when you drink milk. As new skin cells arrive and older ones fall off, the dead skin cells can become caught in the sebum and add to the pore clogging concoction.

    Dieticians have also noted that those demographics and regions that drink little or no milk during their teenage years are less prone to the conditions of acne as those that drink a lot of milk when young.


    Your mother probably warned you that sugar will aggravate an acne condition and she was right. The link between high sugar diets and acne conditions has been well-established. But, this doesn’t mean that you eat a cookie and you get a pimple. It really comes down to the amount of sugar entering your body and how it is, or isn’t being processed in a healthy way.

    If you were to accompany a chocolate bar with a sugary soda, you may see a spike in your blood sugar levels and an outbreak within hours. Consider lowering the amounts of sugar you eat and especially at one time. The after-dinner dessert is often the one way to incorporate unhealthy processed sugars into the diet. The best way would be to swap them out for a variety of fruits that contain natural sugars.

    High-Glycemic Foods

    These are foods that can be rapidly broken down by the body triggering blood sugar and insulin spikes. This promotes hormonal fluctuations and this is one of the primary causes of excess sebum and subsequent acne conditions.

    The foods in question are white breads and refined grain products. Cereals, white rice, potato chips and all manner of sweet breads from bear paws to snickerdoodles can also promote skin conditions. Consider something from the  low-glycemic food section like whole grains, sweet potatoes and veggies.

    Fast Food and Junk Food

    As you may imagine, junk food ticks off almost all the boxes in the category of foods that contribute to acne scars. Avoid these for a time and see if your skin and face don’t thank you.

    Fried potatoes, white bread burger buns and greasy meats cause serious inflammation when eaten and for this reason should be avoided after surgeries, complex dental work and if you have an acne condition you hope to be rid of. Consider having a yogurt or salad and make the skin-smart decision.

    While cutting out the foods mentioned above will certainly do much to help your skin, it will be equally important to consume the types of foods that will do your skin good. Perhaps you haven’t Here are some foods that can give the body a fighting edge over an acne condition.

    Fish or Flaxseed

    In the western diet, Omega-6 can lead to a lot of inflammation, it would be better to tone this down and increase the Omega-3 intake you rely on for good health. Try eating more fatty fish, walnuts and the like, this will help reduce the inflammation in your skin and prevent breakouts.

    Oysters and Green Tea

    Green tea has a wealth of antioxidants that can help keep the body safe from your toxins and helps acne too. Zinc has been found effective at taming an outrageous acne condition, but it’s better to get your zinc from food rather than supplementation, as they have been found to feature negative side effects. So, order another half dozen oysters, tuck into the toasted wheat germ and help yourself to some more roasted pumpkin seeds.


    Eating a few more fruits and veggies can help to clear up acne, and what better way to enjoy all that nature provides than in a top-quality juicer. Choose dark leafy veggies and berries as the Phyto nutrients in these foods are the best selection for your needs.

    Of course, diet is only one side to the acne condition, to truly be rid of your acne you may want to consider topical anti-inflammatories. But, you should always consider the natural options before making your skin a testing ground for every chemical response on the market. Try a small dab of honey on the affected region after washing the face. Within 20-mins the honey will reduce the inflammation and restore a healthy skin color to your face.

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