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    Amber Necklace: More Than Beauty

    The Amber teething necklace is an ornament whose use and effectiveness supersedes others on the market. It has become very popular in the last few years owing to new websites being established and devoted to its cause, its sales have also greatly increased. Don’t you think it is necessary that we know what it does? This article aims at highlighting everything about the Amber Teething Necklace.

    About the Amber Teething Necklace

    This is a sort of jewelry that reduces the discomfort of babies when they are teething. Teething can be such a painful experience for babies especially on babies who originally cannot stop crying. Kicking, wailing, crying and fussing are all explicit features that one can expect from a teething child. So how do we reduce this strain on infant babies, the Amber Teething Necklace offers an immediate solution. Don’t get me wrong, this necklace doesn’t stop babies from teething, it eases the process for them. A lot of parents acknowledge the calmness of their toddlers during teething while they (the babies) are wearing the Amber Necklace.  Now as a parent you know that babies are very sensitive creatures, hence you cannot acquire just anything for their use. So a definition and outline of its ingredients is necessary.

    About Amber

    Amber is a natural ingredient that comes from trees. It is a tree resin that had been fossilized due to nature’s activities. Let’s say a tree has been cut off, and its bark is left damaged we can expect sap to find its way out through this opening. Now, if the sap is left unattended and undisturbed, over time it solidifies and becomes hard like rocks. The Amber is then polished and made into little chips and holes are bored in these chips to enable threading. After threading, it can be worn over the baby’s head on its neck. Also this can also be made into bracelets and anklets depending on the parent’s preference. Most mothers who want their babies to look good go ahead to purchase the whole set which includes Amber bead earrings for girls and amber bracelets for boys.

    This necklace comes in a variety of colors from a whitish yellow, to a more beige looking one and finally the brown. The darker the berry the sweeter the juice. Experts claim that the darker the color of the amber, the more effective and therapeutic it is. Darker colored Amber is highly sourced for all over the world.

    Its History

    Produced by coniferous trees like pines, Amber is an organic substance usually found near the Baltic sea which is why it is called Baltic Amber by most people. Its formation is dated to about 60 million years ago. In ancient times using amber amulets and necklaces on babies was a sign to ward off evil spirits who have come for the baby’s soul and also to keep them free from harm. It was more like a means of safekeeping your baby as infant death rates were on the high side in those times leading to these superstitious beliefs. Also, adorning a child with jewelry reflected on the wealth of the parents, while others did it to only enhance beauty and the veneration of that child.

    Why does it work

    Although, most of us are uncertain why this naturally occurring mineral proves very effective on teething babies, Amber is a substance with high percentage of Succinic acids (3-8%) which possess anti-inflammatory properties. When worn on the baby, the amber’s oils is released and absorbed into the blood stream through the warmth of the child. It is known to relieve teething pain, reduce drooling and general discomfort while increasing the baby’s immunity.

    Possible Hazards

    The only two main hazards that the baby is prone to is choking and strangulation. This is why we encourage loose jewelries. Choking can be experienced if one of the beads break off and the baby inhales it, therefore blocking their already narrow wind pipe and leading to suffocation. Strangulation is common when babies wear this to sleep. Tossing and turning is expected of sleeping babies and this can lead to their strangulation by the beads on the necklace. For this reason, new brand Amber necklaces have adjustment grids that you can set to make your baby comfortable even when sleeping.

    Manufacturers advice utmost parental supervision of babies when they are wearing the Amber necklace and also advice its removal when it is nap time. Also, discourage/prevent your babies from putting the beads into their mouths or sucking on them as this reduces its effects. Parents will need to check on the beads regularly in case of breakage to prevent harmful cuts on the baby.

    Where to find it

    If you are interested in alleviating your toddler’s pain during teething, the Amber teething necklace can be found on Baltic Proud. It is a site that specializes in the sale of the Amber teething necklaces. Here, you will find necklaces of different colors and properties all at really affordable prices. All necklaces possess a hundred percent(100%) genuine Baltic Amber which have been tested in the laboratory. We also offer incentives like free shipping when you purchase more than $40 worth of products from us. In the Us, shipping takes one to four days and if after this you are not satisfied with the product on reveal, we guarantee a 100% refund of your money.


    Babies cannot speak to express what they are going through, it is therefore a parents duty to interpret all emotions that a baby displays. Crying, tantrums, kicking, wailing and fussing are all emotions that accompany a teething baby. Teething can be very painful and uncomfortable on a baby, hence the need to alleviate this discomfort arises. Amber Teething Necklace brings an undisputed calmness to your teething wards and ultimately reduces their pain. Aside from relieving pain, it also boosts/stimulates a baby’s immune system but parents need to be fully aware of its possible hazards and work against them. Amber Teething Necklaces can be found on Baltic Proud at affordable rates and amazing customer satisfaction policies.

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