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    Beauty Essentials You Need to Pack in Your Traveling Bag

    Planning a trip involves a lot of time and energy. From booking accommodations, to securing transportation, and planning your wardrobe; these are only some of the things you’ll need to consider when packing your things. When deciding on which items to pack, it always helps to consider the place you’ll be traveling to, the weather of the country or the season of your traveling period, and what activities you plan to do.

    So whether you are packing for a trip to Europe or hoping to escape to an island paradise, there is no doubt that packing some lightweight makeup and beauty products like Cosrx can help you look picture perfect for while also easing the weight on your luggage. To start, here are the essential items you’ll need to pack in your traveling bag regardless of seasons and activities:

    #1. Sunscreen

    Applying sunscreen is a must-have for every person who plans to spend a lot of time outdoors. While they’re not necessarily a makeup product, sunscreen helps prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of ageing while also providing a smooth base for your makeup. Regardless of the weather, research shows that there are still risks when exposing our skin to sunlight even for a brief moment. To be safe, make sure to bring your favorite sunscreen product into your bag.

    #2. Pressed Powder

    A handy compact helps smooth out uneven skin tones while also providing coverage, there are even some options that include formulas similar to foundation and concealers. To help save some space in your bag, make sure to bring a compact of pressed powder with SPF for added protection. That way you don’t have to bring your concealer and foundation with you when you need a retouch.

    #3. Moisturizer

    This is another item that isn’t necessarily a makeup product but is an essential item since it provides hydration to the skin while also serving as a base for makeup. Regardless of your skin type, applying moisturizer is necessary because it locks in moisture while also keeping your skin looking healthy and fresh even when you’re outside all day.

    #4. Lip and cheek tint

    Instead of packing blush and lipstick, opt for a dual tint that you can apply on both your lips and cheeks. During use, remember to blend well into your skin for that natural flushed look. It’s also in a very small bottle that’s permissible to bring onboard. It also saves you the hassle of bringing kabuki brushes for your blush.

    #5. Lip balm

    Before applying lip tint, swipe some lip balm on your lips for a smooth base. Lip balms are also an important item when traveling to hot places since our lips also need protection from the sun. Choose one with SPF for added nourishment while also preventing chapped lips.

    #6. Baby wipes

    These handy items are perfect for removing makeup and correcting smudges during application if you’re traveling to a place with hot or humid climate, remember to bring a pack. If you have sensitive skin, avoid scented ones to prevent potential allergic reactions. Baby wipes are also good for cleaning hands after meals.

    #7. Oil-blotting sheets

    For people with oily skin, packing blotting sheets is a must-have, especially when you’re traveling to a relatively hot or humid country. If you ran out or are looking for alternatives, you can always use disposable toilet cover sheets and cut them in small squares. Place them in an envelope and seal it with a tape to keep them in place.

    While these are only some of the essential items you’ll need to pack, there are also limitations to the amount you’ll be carrying. For instance, if you’re traveling by plane, certain airlines may impose rules on how much liquid items you are allowed to carry. To remedy this, you can purchase travel sized bottles from shops which lasts for a few days.

    Another viable option would be is to research on the place you’ll be traveling to and look for the nearest convenience stores near the airport or the hotel. After researching, it helps to cut down on packing liquid items entirely so you can shop for essentials in the country instead. During shopping, remember to carry some extra money with you. When it doubt, try to ask the locals for directions if you couldn’t locate the nearest shop. While traveling can limit our options, there are still multiple ways to help us achieve that Instagram-worthy photo. Remember to stay safe and have a safe and enjoyable trip!

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