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    Main Benefits of Natural Shilajit Resin

    What is Shilajit resin?

    In order that we understand the benefits of Shilajit resin, we first and foremost have to know what it really is and where it can be obtained from.

    Shilajit resin is released from rock layers in the Altai Mountains in East and central Asia. It is formed from Humus and remains of plant materials, upon subjection to high compression in between the strata of the rocks in these mountains. It is from these deposits that we obtain Shilajit resin. The contents of this resin range from minerals, vitamins, fulvic and humic acids, which are good cleanser required for getting rid of heavy harmful metals from the body.

    How to Identify Shilajit?

    shilajit resin benefits

    Shilajit resin occurs as a black substance. However, the color of Shilajit depends on its content package. The darker the color the more effective it is. The least reactive are normally less dark, brown in color.

    Components of Shilajit Resin

    The composition of Shilajit is complex; it’s made up of a different set of element key one being humic acid, fulvic acid, alpha Pyrones, vitamins A, B, C and P, Phospholipids, terpenoids, as well as polyphenol complexes. In addition to this, there are other elements in small quantity, for example, manganese, zinc, magnesium, nickel, and cobalt among others.

    The most natural and purest element in Shilajit resin

    Fulvic acid is the basic component and is very useful as it transports minerals inside the cells after enlarging the cell wall. This is so crucial because minerals are of significance only when they are in cells. Minerals also are crucial as they speed up the assimilation of vitamins in the body. In addition to fulvic acid, Shilajit contains more than 85 minerals of which are all significant in the body.

    The mechanism of Shilajit in the body

    Traces of Dibenzo Alpha Pyrones found to be confined in the Shilajit plant recently serves as a strong as well as a reliable and effective method of protecting the nervous system, with the inclusion of sensitive brain from getting harmed for the ingredient is an antioxidant.

    To justify this a case study, 15 different volunteers were selected and an extract of 200mg was administered to them for duration of 15 days. The participants reported being more powerful and strong as well as their body functioning shown great vitality and force. In addition, the energy figures in their blood remained the same even after an intense and vigorous energy draining activities.

    The key benefits of Shilajit resins include:

    • Neutralization of sugar in the blood.
    • Optimization of neurological and synaptic responses.
    • Support the immunity of the body.
    • Controlling weight as well as body cravings.
    • Assimilation of all nutrients in a full-spectrum
    • Maintenance of body electrolytes and body fluids( a function of minerals found in natural aryuvedic resin)
    • An increment in body stamina and force.
    • Reduction of stress and optimizes healthy sleep.
    • Acts to reduce aging and increases longevity.
    • Reduces body cravings.
    • Minerals present increases body metabolism.
    • Helps in enzyme action in the body, this is aided by the co-factors, which are trace minerals in it.
    • Transfer of Dibenzo alpha pyrenes into the cells by the humic and fulvic acids.

    Prescribed dosage of Shilajit Resin

    A specific dosage just like all other drugs is prescribed for use in Shilajit. A portion of pea size Shilajit of about 300-500mg should be taken per day for at least 6-8 weeks for the results to be palpable. What is recommended is, to begin with, a dosage of 300mg for the first day, followed by an additional intake of 100 mg each day until the desired results are evident. It is also recommended that Shilajit should be taken when dissolved in hot, chlorine-free water, warm milk, or hot tea and take a drink.

    Best amount to take of Shilajit Resin

    To achieve the best results, one should begin by taking a small sized piece of Shilajit of not more than 500mg each day until the best results are obtained.

    An important thing to note!

    A piece of Shilajit should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning just before taking a meal to maximize absorption in the body metabolism.

    Any shortcomings of the Shilajit resin?

    Yes, there are. Being such a precious substance and an escalating popularity in the market, Shilajit resin attracts a lot of contrabands in the market. That is the reason as to why there are reports that Shilajit resin is not proportionately as it is publicized to be. Some Shilajit counterfeits contain harmful fertilizers as well as other toxic heavy materials and thus care should be taken before purchasing Shijalit. Before making any step of purchasing Shilajit any traders, the customer should make sure that the trader has these documents certified by the relevant authority.

    • A certificate of Analysis– to confirm that a product meets USA specifications.
    • Product Liability license– a document that provides buyer protection against health injury.
    • USA Seller’s Permit– which is the state license.

    Having those documents is a surety that the Shilajit traded by the trader is genuine.

    How can I choose the best natural Shilajit resin in the market?

    Upon making a decision of acquiring a Shilajit, pick our Natural Shilajit resin and I can rest assure you that it will definitely satisfy you for our natural Shilajit resin surpass any traditional Ayurvedic compound!

    Have a taste of our splendid Natural Shilajit resin and enjoy its wonders!

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