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    Top 3 Best Essential Oil Products For Treating Athlete’s Foot

    If you have noticed dry skin on your feet that is even starting to peel off between your toes and on the soles, then you should definitely not take it for granted. And how could you? It’s probably itching or burning, and that is bound to annoy you. I’ve got news for you – those are the symptoms of athlete’s foot. But, don’t panic; it’s treatable.

    But, before we get to the treatment part, I want to make sure that you are familiar enough with this condition. You need to know what it is, as well as how it is caused. Therefore, let me quickly explain this, so that you know exactly what is causing you the troubles.

    What Is Athlete’s Foot?

    This is a rather common foot disease. It comes with blisters on the soles, fissures of your toe webs and it causes an unpleasant itching sensation which can be irritating. It is important to treat this condition, since, if nothing is done about it, there is a chance that you can infect other people. In addition to that, it can spread to other parts of your body.

    In spite of its name, this ailment is not necessarily reserved for athletes only. This is a fungal infection which can be spread really quickly. Walking barefoot on contaminated floors is the easiest way to get infected. Plus, since fungi love wet places, it is important to keep your feet dry and not walk barefoot in damp areas.

    You might wonder why it is called this way then. Well, can you imagine what could be found on the floors of gyms and locker rooms if they were inspected in detail? I don’t even want to think about it. When you are all sweaty after a workout, it makes you an even easier target for the fungi. This is why the condition is associated with athletes.

    Can Essential Oils Help?

    It is a wide known fact that essential oils have fungicidal properties. Due to that, they can be very helpful in the process of treating this foot disease, as well as any other fungal infections on your body. However, that doesn’t mean that you should use just any oil you come across. It is of vital importance to know which product to choose. Let’s check the best ones out.

    Tea Tree

    This oil is made from the leaves of tea trees. That was obvious, right? However, what you might not have known is that it’s been used as a traditional medicine for all kinds of cuts and wounds throughout history. Today, it is also commonly used as a natural remedy for certain conditions.

    When it comes to athlete’s foot, tea tree oil works by killing the fungi and relieving your pain. This is not surprising at all, since the product is also known to be quite useful in treating lice, nail fungus and more. Basically, this is the go-to remedy for all kinds of skin irritations.


    Where would we be without eucalyptus today? I’m telling you, people don’t even understand how valuable this plant is. Luckily, there are scientists and experts to take care of that and use the plant to our best advantage. That way, we can enjoy its benefits, without sometimes even knowing what they are.

    It is no secret that eucalyptus has anti-bacterial properties. And, as you can see in this Moxe blog article, it is among the top herbs used in the process of treating athlete’s foot. Among other things, eucalyptus oil protects you against developing E. coli and it is widely used for dealing with all kinds of infections.


    Lavender oil is recognized as an antifungal agent. Given that, it’s no wonder that it is so commonly used in treating skin irritations. Furthermore, it is great for solving any issues you might have with your nails and your hair. Sounds like a super product…

    In addition to being a remedy, lavender oil is also used for the prevention of athlete’s foot. That means that you should get acquainted with it if you fear that the environment you are in might lead to you developing this disease. As it’s said – better safe than sorry.

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