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    Best Practices for Posting on Instagram

    As Instagram and its algorithm can be a bit complicated, there are several practices, guidelines, and tips, which can help you make the most of your efforts to market your business on Instagram. So, we have come up with a list of a few of the best Instagram practices, which make definite sense for you and your business. If you follow these religiously, you are sure to gain traction.

    So, what are the best Instagram practices?

    The most crucial aspect of Instagram is the right commitment to doing things right. It is these things which could be the deciding factor in your social media success or failure. So, follow these practices and get set ready for success on Instagram.

    Be consistent

    Nobody would want to have an Instagram account, which when shows up on the feed of the users, instantly puts them in a loop of thoughts, trying to recall who you are, and how did they end up following you. So, to avoid it, you should set a schedule for yourself and always stick by it. Stacy, a Digital marketing manager for FineGrades, says that consistently making one or two posts on Instagram works best for her and their business.

    It is indeed a good practice and keeps your feed relevant and steadily refreshed without clogging up the feed of your followers. Now, the big question that a lot of people have trouble finding an answer to what time is most suitable for posting. So, you might see different posts on the internet, which regard a particular time of the day as ideal, but let’s just say there is no one perfect time. You have to do a repeated trial and error, and see what time best works for you and your followers. To understand this, you need to keep a tab on your analytics and Instagram insights. It will help you see what time of day you get the maximum engagement, and then always aim for it.

    Do not over post

    A significant Instagram faux pax is sharing more than a few pictures as individual posts one after the other. It can be irritating for your followers because when these pictures appear on their feed, they would be wondering, why did you not just club it, and put it all under a single post. So, curtail yourself and do not post over two posts per day, and be very thoughtful of what you post on your gram.

    Post content, which makes sense and relates with your brand

    A social media marketing executive for Trump Learning shares his view by stating that in Instagram, there is a general rule of thumb – Quality over Quantity. Is this correct? Well, 100%. So, be very careful of what you post, and then question yourself why you would want to post it. Does it relate to your brand? Is it good enough to engage your followers? Will it do any good for your business? Every time you post something on Instagram, use Instagram analytics to see how the particular content is performing, and what type of content best resonates with your audience.

    Narrate stores

    Of late, Instagram is regarded as one of the top platforms for brand promotion. However, it is easy to analyse when a brand or a user is just doing it for their gram, and not because they have something genuine or essential to share with you. So, focus on narrating a story by way of text, images, or video, and try to connect with your audience. If your audience feels an emotional connection with you and your content, they will naturally be your more faithful followers.

    Know and Understand your Brand Better

    To be able to sell your brand, you have to understand and know it inside out. Just like every other social media platform, Instagram, too, has its etiquette and culture. So, a primary part of your role as a digital marketer would be to figure out how your brand fits in this culture.

    Be Consistent Visually

    When a user or a follower clicks on your brand page, they expect a particular type of visual consistency. However, it does not mean that your Instagram has to look like one big advertisement. Always remember, users only gravitate towards organic content. However, it is something that you need to think and determine right before you start posting on the gram. You have to decide what is the kind of vibe or look that you would want to give to your profile. Do you want to make it look – organic? Moody? Natural? Regardless of what you decide, you have to keep at it and be consistent with the rest of your branding. Your Instagram followers have to find it recognizable.

    Don’t go Overboard with the Hashtags

    Hashtags can make a big difference in your post appearing right at the top of the feed to it being buried underneath several other posts. Thus, it is vital to pick the hashtags, which work best for you and your brand. Avoid popular or generic hashtags, such as #fashion or #holiday. It can put your post into oblivion because there will always be millions of other more famous brands posting with the same hashtags. Thus, you should always opt for brand-specific hashtags. These will make it easy for the users to find you and your content and help you stand out in the crowd. However, you do not have to use too many hashtags.

    About seven to eight hashtags are more than enough for any Instagram posts. Though Instagram does allow a total of 30 hashtags, putting up a wall of hashtags underneath your post can only make you look unprofessional and desperate.

    Make Good Use of User-Generated Content

    Hannah, a social media manager with an online platform, TFTH which offers Java Homework Help, says that user-generated content is the biggest dream of every marketer. It presents to you a mega opportunity for engagement and simultaneously reduces the costs for your business. It is a way to give your audience the impression that you listen and value your customer. You can come up with a branded hashtag, which the followers can employ to put up content, then you can repost their generated content to your official business page for everyone to see. One of the perfect examples of this is the #ShareaCoke campaign by Coca-Cola.

    Put Lighter Content on Stories

    Your Instagram stories are the ideal place for your brand to depict a little more personality to the viewers. So, you can put up a few personal tidbits about the business, some day to day content, and other interactive things on the stories. Stories stay on your profile for 24 hours. So, you can make them look more engaging and attractive by adding GIFs, texts, music, text, and stokers. You could also live stream the company events or give your employees a takeover for a day.

    Boost your Web Traffic with Instagram

    On Instagram, you get one clickable link, which you can add in your bio. So, anyone who has access to your page on Instagram will get access to this link. You can put your website link there. Thus, whenever someone see this link, they would be directed to your site. Further, you can also include a call to action or a Swipe Up menu in your stories. However, the Swipe up button will come if you have more than 10,000 followers on your Instagram.

    Use SEO on your Instagram

    Though SEO and Instagram do not go together, applying SEO practices on your Instagram does have a positive impact on your Instagram presence. Primarily there are two fundamental SEO related aspects on your Instagram account – one is your account name and the second is your account handle. Your account handle is the @, which should be memorable, short, and directly related to your business. The account name appears right below the profile picture and must reflect your industry and account handle. People usually search for you with your account name, so keep something directly related to your business or brand.

    Be Selective with who Promotes your Brand

    Anaida, a digital marketing head with TAE, a website that offers assignment help services, such as engineering homework help, says that today a lot of brands are using micro-influencer’s to promote their brand. Still, the most pivotal thing in this is picking who to promote your brand. There are indeed a bunch of influencer’s out there, but no two influencers will ever be the same. Each influencer has its type of unique audience and a distinct area of expertise.

    It is where their understanding of your brand, and how it would be helpful for their audience comes handy. Though influencer marketing can be very impactful, you must pick the right influencer to ensure that your time and money does not go in vain. On the upside, influencer marketing can open up the gateway to the newer and fresher audience, which will eventually help your business grow.

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