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    Vaping vs Smoking: Can E-Cigarettes Help Smokers Quit?

    Alcohol and cigarettes are known to be two of the most dangerous addictions in the world and quitting drinking or quitting cigarettes is quite a daunting task that needs a lot of willpower. Today in this article we are going to talk about cigarettes and vapes, especially if you are someone who wants to quit cigarettes then you need to read this article thoroughly because it can actually help you with your quitting journey.

    The Argument

    Right now if you carry out some online research, you’ll see a lot of blogs suggesting that vaping is equally as dangerous as smoking but the truth is the complete opposite to what you read. It’s not about science or research, in fact, it’s more about common sense that yes vaping is better than smoking and it can actually help you quit cigarettes. Speaking of facts and figures, we all know that cigarettes are dangerous especially due to the amount of tar and nicotine present in them and when someone is trying to quit smoking, the one thing that they crave the most is nicotine.

    On the other hand, if you do some study on vaping, you’ll know that vaping doesn’t necessarily come with nicotine. In fact, it’s all on you and what e-liquid you buy. There are a lot of e-juices in the market that have no nicotine in them and they are just flavors to satisfy your sweet tooth and your vaping needs.

    This is where the argument of Vaping Vs Smoking ends and yes, vaping can actually help you quit smoking. You see, when you try to quit cigarettes or alcohol etc, you don’t cut it all of a sudden, in fact, you start reducing the amount you consume every day and then slowly you just stop having them when you urge and craving reduce. Now, when it comes to smoking, you can obviously use vapes instead and cut yourself off from the consumption of nicotine. Again, it’s all on you and which e-juice you buy so be careful and choose wisely from places like Nasty juice e-liquid, as they have so far the best flavors available online.

    Does Vaping Really Help?

    Only if you find the right e-cigarette and the right e-juice, we assure you that you will love vaping and if things go pretty well then there are chances that you won’t even think about smoking cigarettes ever again. Moreover, the people who deny the usefulness of vapes for quitting smoking need to rethink their stance because replacing the toxic smoke with something less harmful is the only way out for chain smokers. Researches have been made and people have conducted a lot of studies on this hot topic of vaping and smoking and well the end result of everything is yes, vaping is a better alternative that can help quit cigarettes but there are several health risks of vaping too so you cannot say that any of these options are good for human health.

    Overall Verdict

    As said earlier, neither vaping nor smoking is good for any human of any age. But, if you are struggling hard with your smoking habits then yes, buying yourself a good e-cigarette and a good e-juice is a good option and it can aid you a lot during your quitting journey. It just all falls back to your e-juice and the flavor you buy from a quality place. You never know if you really end up loving a certain flavor that has no tobacco or nicotine in it and well, that would definitely be a better choice than consuming the smoke of cigarettes that is continuously damaging your lungs and your overall health.

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