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    Can You Eat Doritos With Braces?

    Doritos are famous tortilla chips, they are popular all over the world due to their nacho cheese and chili flavor. As we know any type of hard and crunchy food is not the healthiest option with braces and Doritos is the kind of chips that is incredibly crispy or crunchy, it will damage your braces. But still, many people want detailed answers because they are serious about their teeth health so that’s why they ask the question.

    Can You Eat Doritos With Braces?

    No, you can’t eat Doritos with braces because Doritos are considered a hard, crispy and too crunchy food. They can easily get stuck in your braces and damage them and secondly, when you eat hard food it will put a lot of pressure which is not good for your braces.

    How Can You Eat Doritos With Braces?

    According to dentists, not all chips are dangerous some of them are safe with braces. Many people like to eat Doritos because nacho cheese Doritos are the favorite snacks of people and they love to eat them. If you really want to eat Doritos then there are a few recommendations by following this recommendation you can easily eat Doritos.


    • First, choose the most appropriate kind of Doritos (without extra crunch and crisp).
    • Drink a lot of water after eating Doritos it will remove all particles that are stuck on your braces.
    • Brush your teeth carefully after eating Doritos it will save your teeth from any damage.

    Does Doritos Get Stuck In Your Braces?

    Yes, Doritos does stick in your braces the reason is the texture of Doritos (crispy and crunchy) most of the time small pieces are stuck in brackets of braces a result, it will damage your braces and cause pain in your teeth.

    Is Doritos Considered A Sticky Food?

    No, Doritos are not considered a sticky food, as we know Doritos are hard in texture because of this reason we mix them with saliva and give them softness. Otherwise, they are hard or crispy which is not good for you while wearing braces.

    Can I Eat Doritos In The First Week Of Braces? 

    Unfortunately, you can’t eat Doritos in the first week of braces. As I earlier mention Doritos are considered a hard and crunchy food that is not acceptable with braces, especially in the first week. If you eat in the first week of braces it will damage your braces and also affect your teeth so stay away from chips in the first week.


    Doritos is hard or crunching food and it is not safe to eat while wearing braces or with braces. You have to avoid Doritos because it will damage your braces and cause painful teeth which is not good for you but if you want to eat Doritos select the soft and less crunchy type of it. I hope this information clears your all thoughts and doubts regarding your question.

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