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    Can You Eat skittles With Braces? [All FAQs Explained]

    Skittles are (multi-colored) button-shaped candies. Skittles are a favorite food of kids because of their multi-colored appearance. Skittles are one of the most popular candies in US and these contains high content of sugar and a bit difficult to chew, that’s many people questions that Can I eat skittles with braces?

    Can you have skittles with braces? No, you can’t eat skittles with braces because of their hard and sticky nature. Chewing candies should be avoided with braces. Furthermore, skittles is chewy candy it might damage the braces and small pieces will get stuck in the wire of your braces, secondly it is a sweet treat, and sugar is a bad ingredient for your teeth.

    Can You Eat skittles With Braces?

    Unfortunately no, you can’t eat skittles with braces. Because skittles are not brace-friendly candies. The reason is clear the outer shell is hard and difficult to chew with braces and the other reason is inter filling is chocolate with the addition of other ingredients like peanuts, butter, nuts, etc. So simply say no to skittles.

    How to Eat Skittles with Braces?

    As we know skittles are too sugary candy and hard to chew because of their hard shell That’s why skittle is a totally bad option with braces. But still, if you really want to eat it then there are a few recommendations for you to follow for eating skittles with braces.


    • First of all always select simple skittles candy without nuts and peanuts or any sticky ingredient.
    • Before chewing them you should suck skittle for a while then eat after eating brush your teeth it will remove a small piece that may be stuck in your teeth from the cavity. If brushing is not enough you should go for dental floss.

    Do skittles get stuck in your braces?

    Definitely yes, skittles get stuck in your braces because they are small like a button, and hard. Because of that you should avoid them while wearing braces. Don’t take any risks because they could easily damage your braces and also cause pain in your teeth.

    Have skittles Considered a Sticky Food?

    Yes, skittles are considered as sticky food and you should avoid them. Skittles are difficult to chew with braces and due to their sting size, they easily get stuck in your teeth gap and braces. Additionally, you should stay away from any sticky filling such as caramel filling.

    Can I Eat Skittles in the First Week of Braces?

    Definitely no, you can’t eat skittles in the first week of braces. Because in your first week, you need to eat just soft food such as bread, cake etc. Skittle is a totally bad option in the first week because they are hard and sugary food which is totally unhealthy for your teeth.

    Is Skittles Good to Eat with Braces?

    Simply no skittles are not good to eat with braces. Actually, skittle is not the healthiest food with braces. It contains a lot of sugar and is also hard and difficult to chew with braces. There is a risk of breaking so avoid it.


    In this whole discussion, we deal with different types of questions related to eating skittles with braces and in the end, we concluded that skittles are not good with braces. The first reason their outer shell is hard and difficult to chew is that why it will put a lot of pressure on your braces and break them. Secondly, if contain a lot of sugar it causes cavities in your teeth I hope this information will clarify your all doubts about skittles.

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