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    Can You Eat Starburst With Braces?

    Starburst is a box-shaped fruit candy like other toffies available in a variety of flavors. It is a sweet treat that is famous among kids due to its yummy taste. People who start wearing braces, mostly questions that Can I Eat Starburst with Braces? Lets dive into the straight answer.

    Can You Eat Starburst with Braces?

    Definitely, starburst is not a good option with braces. Because it is considered a hard, crunchy and sticky candy. Further, it is loaded with a lot of sugar That’s why you can not eat starburst with braces.

    How to Eat Starburst with Braces?

    As we know starburst is hard candy bad for you while wearing braces. Because it contains a lot of sugar but still many people want to eat Starburst with braces. There are a few recommendations for these people who want to eat it by doping this recommendation you can eat this type of candy.


    • Firstly drinking a lot of water after eating will remove food that may be stuck in your teeth.
    • Secondly, brush your teeth properly. it will clean your teeth and also prevent any type of cavity. If the brush is not enough then you to use dental floss.


    Does Starburst get stuck in your braces?

    Yes, Starburst gets stuck in your braces because Starburst is considered a hard crunchy candy that’s why totally bad to eat with braces. So stay away from this type of candy.

    Are starbursts considered sticky food?

    As we know hard, sticky chewy food is not safe with braces and Starburst is one of them. Sticky and chewy food can get stuck between brackets and wire causing damage to the braces. Secondly, the starburst contains a lot of sugar which causes a cavity in teeth. So say no to a starburst with braces.

    Can I eat Starburst in the first week of braces?

    Definitely no, you can not eat Starburst in the first week of braces. As I mentioned earlier starburst is a hard and chewy food so that’s why you have to avoid it in the first week. But still, if you want to eat it then you have to follow some recommendations that are suggested by a dentist(and mention in an upper paragraph).


    Starburst is one of the famous types of candy and is liked by many people but it is not a good choice with braces. Because they are very sugary, chewy, and as well as sticky due to this reason they will get stuck in your braces, and damage them. Secondly high content of sugar cause cavities in your teeth. But still, you can eat them in moderate amounts by adopting a few recommendations that are mentioned in this article I hope this information will clear your all doubt regarding Starburst.

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