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    CBD Guide: 6 Crucial Facts You Should Know

    CBD business is rising dramatically as more and more states in the US legalize its use. CBD, which is the short form for cannabidiol, is taking the world by storm and has grown into a billion-dollar industry.

    Research shows that the CBD market in the US will keep growing following the passing of the 2018 Farm bill, which legalized the chemical compound derived from hemp. The new legislation has brought the CBD market to a whole new level as more and more consumers are buying the CBD-related products.

    Both consumers and entrepreneurs are intrigued by the new laws of CBD and how they will affect their businesses. A CBD expert explains the first year in the business saying that some of the struggles they encountered include the overcrowded nature of the market, lack of knowledge, and clear regulations. This is something that everyone should know.

    However, some of these challenges have declined with the passing of the Farm bill of 2018 and the fact that now more than ever, people have access to a lot of information from the web and other media channels.

    Here a few important facts about CBD that you should know:

    CBD is Still in a Legal Gray Area

    CBD remains in a legal gray area in the US. The 2014 Farm bill had legalized non-viable hemp for research and industrial purposes. It was to be produced within states that are in the Hemp pilot program.

    However, the commercial hemp-derived CBD product sales were still not allowed. That created a legal loophole as some businesses participated in the trade under unclear legal status.

    CBD extracts from marijuana remain in the Schedule 1 Controlled Substance list according to a report released in 2019. That means it is not allowed for interstate commerce in the US, not approved as a dietary supplement, or a prescription drug.

    The passing of the Farm bill of 2018 however delisted CBD derived from hemp (with 0.3% THC or lower) as a federally scheduled substance. According to the FDA regulations, hemp CBD is legal, and it can be sold as a cosmetic ingredient, but it cannot be sold as a food ingredient, animal food, or dietary supplement under federal law.

    Therefore, there is a common misconception that since hemp containing CBD, it can be sold legally, and then it means that CBD is also legal. A few manufacturers transport CBD products across the country which is an action that the FDA did not encourage in 2018. But, CBD is still not considered legal as a food ingredient or dietary supplement since it remains a subject under the FDA investigational new drug evaluation. In essence, it means that some shops and health food stores are selling CBD illegally in some states.

    CBD oil is different from hemp oil

    CBD oil is different from hemp oil. While CBD oil is extracted from the whole plant, hemp oil is sourced from the seeds only.

    CBD oil is sourced from different parts of the mature hemp plant, including the flowers, leaves, and the stalks. A process called extraction occurs, which involves separating CBD from the other compounds from the hemp plant.

    On the other hand, hemp oil is sourced from Cannabis Sativa seeds. While hemp seeds only contain small traces of CBD, hemp leaves are more potent and are estimated to have up to 40% CBD.

    The FDA Is now Involved in the CBD Business

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stepped in as a regulatory authority of CBD. It has raised concerns over the safety considerations that come along with the widespread use of the CBD products.

    After the Farm bill of 2018 was passed, hemp was moved from the Controlled Substance list which was a clear move that CBD can now be commercialized. However, the FDA body still says that there is a need for a more definitive set of guidelines to regulate this industry.

    According to the agency, cannabidiol cannot be sold as a dietary supplement. The FDA has, however, already approved a drug called Epidiolex, which is made of purified CBD and is used to treat two rare and severe forms of epilepsy.

    Main Methods of Extracting CBD

    There are numerous methods of extracting the CBD oil. Some of the conventional methods of extracting CBD oil use steam distillation, carbon dioxide(CO2), or hydrocarbon or natural solvents.

    CO2 is typically used as a solvent. The solvent is arguably the best extraction method as it is a cleaner, and a purer extraction method because no residue remains after extraction. After oil extraction, distillation occurs, which helps isolate the individual components, including CBD. The process involves winterization, which is then followed by short path distillation.

    Winterization consists of removing any undesirable elements that could have been extracted from the plant, for example, fat and lipids and waxes. The short path distillation process helps refine the extract further and fully isolate the CBD.

    Steam in the steam distillation method causes the CBD oil to separate from the hemp plant. With the solvent extraction method, a solvent is used to separate the CBD oil from the hemp plant. The solvent extraction method uses either natural solvents or hydrocarbons.

    Different Forms of CBD

    CBD comes in different forms and can be taken in different ways. You can choose the method to administer the CBD depending on your desired effects.

    Some of the ways of taking CBD include pure CBD oil, CBD oil tinctures, CBD topicals, CBD pills, and CBD edibles. Smoking CBD flower is another option for those who want to consume CBD. Unlike oils and tinctures, smoking CBD flower also provides a full-spectrum experience, allowing you to benefit from the synergistic effects of all the compounds in the plant. In addition, having control over the production of cannabis and cultivating it in your own garden can offer numerous advantages. For those interested in growing their own cannabis, buying weed seeds can be a great way to get started, but it’s important to do research and follow local regulations. Always choose the best CBD product that you can enjoy when taking, and that can allow you to achieve your lifestyle goals.

    Remarkable Health Benefits of CBD

    There are numerous health benefits of CBD. CBD influences the brain receptors, including the opioid receptors that act as pain regulators and glycine receptors, which in turn regulate the feel-good hormone called serotonin.

    Research shows that CBD can treat a variety of health problems. Some of the health issues that CBD treats include anxiety, acne, chronic pain, depression, anorexia, high blood pressure, epilepsy, glaucoma, insomnia, Parkinson’s disease and muscle spasms, and more. However, more research needs to be done to prove how CBD treats some of these illnesses.

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