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    5 Easy Yet Chic Fashion Trends That Will Dominate in 2019

    2019 is around the corner and it’s all about staying trendy and gorgeous like always – yet with the new trends prevailing in the fashion world. From colorful outfits and industrial rubber to ruching and frills – there’s a lot that will be happening this coming year. So if you are still searching for a long gown or mini prom dress – it’s time you go through some insights into the biggest trends down the line.

    Ruching for Royalness

    Image Source: Couturecandy

    Who wants that stiff corsetry anymore when ruching is there to comfort you! The amazing fabric gets easily pushed around with some stunning detailing around the waist, sleeves, or all-around the dress. Try to pick something that will compliment your curves, or broad shoulders, or long arms elegantly.

    The choice is both short and long dresses when it comes to ruching, yet when it’s something so special and grand like your prom, why not consider ruched long prom dresses to leave some extra spark!

    Asymmetric Necklines for a Touch of Chic

    Asymmetric Necklines
    Image Source: Couturecandy

    Out of so many necklines that dominated 2018, asymmetric neckline has made it to the top trends for 2019. Whether you go for something that resembles one-shoulder dresses or you are more into something unique – the options for asymmetric neck styles are unlimited and you will definitely find the perfect neckline for you at a branded clothing store or an online fashion portal.

    Choose from bateau and off shoulder neckline with a V-back to off-shoulder butterfly neckline, each looks extraordinary when worn wisely. Make sure you pick long gowns or A-line dresses something that not only look good but also highlights your best assets. So if you’ve got a sexy collar bone, it’s time to go for a sweetheart neckline.  If you’d better prefer to keep it sophisticated and hidden, then an embroidered bell sleeve bateau style will do great for you.

    Lace & Transparent to Go Bold

    Image Source: Couturecandy

    Go clear this 2019 prom with some lace and transparent fabric to give a touch of bold yet elegant look. Best thing is, you will find both styles from most of your favorite designers across the globe and our most-loved celebrities carrying this stunning look to all the green and red carpet occasions. So if the dress code allows you to experiment, there’s no doubt you must try something in lace or transparent fabric to stand apart from the usual crowd on your special day.

    One thing you need to take a note of is – know the DIFFERENCE between bold and vulgar. Especially when you are just a teen attending her prom, try to keep up with the dress code and your age.

    Shades of Lavender for a Lovely Lady

    Shades of Lavender
    Image Source: Couturecandy

    Prom is the best time to put on a beautiful lavender gown no matter what neckline, size, style, or cut you prefer to wear. Lavender is the new black, so it’s high time you step into the night wearing a stunning pastel-adjacent lavender long prom gown to give the look and feel of a revived Disney character! The soft purple color has a spark and appeal of its own and suits everybody and every body type.

    From knit work and embroidered to lace and ruched – your choices are many. Sweetheart necklines, lace-like fabrics, floral prints, and similar styles are just a handful of creative ways you can pull the lavender look in your 2019 prom. Get online and search some inspiration from your favorite celebs who have rocked this look this year.

    Feathers for a Fairy Look

    Image Source: Couturecandy

    While thee style somewhat shocked some ladies in the beginning, the feathered long prom gowns have become one of the best-selling things about 2018 and so are they expected to be in 2019. You will find feathered dresses rocking almost all collections of long beautiful dresses by the most famed designers.

    Whether feathered sleeves, the bottom of the dress, or neckline – pick from a pool of unique alternatives available to you this coming season. The look is pretty common and on top in most of the runaways, making way for a flirtatious yet sophisticated look for the next prom season.

    So these are some of the best styles to consider while surfing through different Couture dresses for prom, homecoming, or any other special occasion on your to-do list. The Internet is your BFF for finding stores where you can get these amazing styles for nominal prices. Just make sure, whatever look you pick, it does justice to your personality, taste & don’t hesitate to experiment!

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