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    Clear Braces for a Winning Smile

    There are many benefits to having braces, but you need not settle on highly visible metal braces that make you embarrassed to smile. Clear braces are attractive and readily available. They do exactly the same as the old-style braces but look a million times better.

    What are Clear Braces?

    Clear braces are also called invisible aligners or invisible braces. They are inconspicuous, robust, and offer long-lasting results. Clear braces fit over the teeth like a mouth guard. You start with one set of aligners and change them as the process starts to realign the teeth.

    As invisible braces change only slightly from one set to the next, this treatment is much milder and easier on the mouth.

    Straight My Teeth is a leading UK invisible braces provider. Their doctor designed invisible aligners are custom made and delivered right to your door. You can find invisible braces available here and get the clear brace cost in the UK.

    How do Clear Braces Work?

    Invisible aligners work by gradually employing light pressure to the teeth, which is transferred to the jaw via the roots of the teeth. This shifts the actual sockets so making space available for teeth to occupy in the mouth.

    There is a period of ten days between the different sets of aligners until the teeth are correctly positioned. Thereafter, a retainer is used to keep the teeth from moving back to their former positions.

    The process for getting clear braces is really simple. It starts with an online test performed to see if you are a suitable candidate and takes half a minute to conduct. The next step involves being shipped a dental impression kit and making an impression of your teeth.

    Finally, a set of tailored invisible aligners are provided. As these must be worn for the better part of the day and could cause embarrassment when you have to remove them to have a meal with a friend, there is also the option for night-time aligners that are worn while you sleep.

    The latter method takes longer as the aligners are worn for fewer hours but are suitable for the person who prefers them.

    Metal Braces versus Clear Braces

    Straightening teeth with traditional metal braces is a long process, between one-and-a-half and two years. When the British Orthodontic Society did a survey in the UK, they found that most orthodontists still stick to this method although clear braces have been an option for a while. This is the standard practice at the National Health Service.

    However, the option of making use of clear braces that can be used from home has become a popular alternative. And it can take less than six months to rectify mild cases needing braces. The immediate advantage of fixing your teeth from home is that no dental appointments are needed. This cuts down on costs associated with costly appointments and saves you precious time. You can get costs for dental services in the UK, and specifically for braces here.

    Good Habits for People Wearing Clear Braces

    Taking care of your set of invisible aligners is important but fairly simple if you remember the rules. The first thing you need to know is that clear braces, made from a specialized see-through plastic compound can stain. Red wine and beverages such as tea and coffee can leave stains. Hot drinks can also warp the plastic so that aligners no longer fit snugly as they as meant to do.

    This can be avoided by removing them when you want to have a drink or to eat food. Drinking water is fine and can be done while wearing the aligners. On the plus side, as aligners are only worn for ten days before changing to the next set, stains will not be around to trouble you for long, although this can be avoided by simply removing them to eat and drink.

    Brushing your teeth after every time you consume food and beverages will prevent bacteria from being trapped in the mouth under the aligners. Keeping a toothbrush handy will enable you to keep your clear braces free from anything nasty.

    The alternative to lugging your toothbrush around with you everywhere is to rinse your mouth out thoroughly with water after every meal or drinking something to prevent stains and get rid of food particles that can lead to mouth damage.

    Cleaning your clear braces can be done with a toothbrush and water or a special foam that you will probably receive with your kit. The toothbrush must have soft bristles and should not be used with toothpaste or chemical cleaners which could cause abrasions on the plastic and trap bits of food.

    Clear braces are the way to go if you want to avoid unsightly metal braces. The procedure is really simple and cost-effective.

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