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    Destination Divorce: The New Way to Make Your Divorce Easy

    Going through a divorce can put a lot of strain on your health and can be extremely stressful. Divorce drains you mentally, physically, and emotionally as you go through the process. And sometimes it will put a hole in your pockets. Many people avoid going through the process of a divorce to keep their sanity and simply separate and live their lives apart. From filing a petition to signing the papers to going to court to finalize it, divorce is overall exasperating.

    Therapy is almost always advised because it can be hard to deal with separation in any form and taking it on alone can be even more heartbreaking. Many people struggle more after everything is final and find it hard to readjust to their lives. Whether you were married for a short period of time or for decades, the after-effects of separating can be troublesome. And the emotion felt is something so strong and unique it can be jolting and you may not know how to cope with going through something so terrible.

    Destination divorces have become quite popular for those who don’t want to go through the extra lengths to get separated legally.

    What is a destination divorce?

    While we’ve all heard of destination weddings and honeymoons, the destination divorce sounds more pleasant than it actually is. You’re getting a legally separated from someone you used to be in love with. It can be a hurtful process.

    Some people are trying to ease the pain and get out of town to complete the process. While some states have changed and adopted the no-fault divorce law, some haven’t. It has become popular to take a vacation and hash out the issues in a relationship and come to an agreement with the divorce. Divorce requirements can be rigorous and many people want to escape the stresses of going through U.S. laws.

    Destinations like Mexico and the Dominican Republic have little to no fault laws regarding divorce and these places are where people can get their divorce over with quick and easy. And they are great destinations for a vacation away from life responsibilities and stress. The process can take months to even years depending on different factors, like how long it takes to come to an actual agreement, court and lawyer dealings, and just plain old heartbreak.

    Exes take these destination divorces as light as you would think and go on these vacations to relax and gather themselves.

    How does it work?

    A destination divorce is completed by choosing another place to get your divorce finalized and going through law firms to make sure the legality portion is done correctly. This trend began in Europe and spread quickly as the word got around. We all want to get the hard things done in an easy way and destination divorces became the new thing.

    Destinations that are popular for those who want to separate while on a getaway are:

    • Guam
    • Dominican Republic
    • The Netherlands
    • Alaska
    • New Hampshire
    • Idaho
    • Nevada

    While being pampered and relaxing, your divorce is completed within a short weekend. When you and your partner arrive at the hotel destination of your choice, you are advised by licensed therapists, mediators, and other professionals to try and understand your situation. You’re given your own space to stay so you don’t have to deal with your mate. While all this is going on, you and your spouse have the opportunity to branch off and do something relaxing or fun, especially when things get heated or complicated.

    The whole point of this new divorce process is to allow you to take in your separation with ease without prolonging the pain. You’ll go through all of your shared items and debts, alimony and other things like children and property. While some like to avoid the lawyers, it can get messy in the future when it comes to legal issues that may arise.

    Is it valid?

    You have to be cautious when choosing the easy way out of anything. When it comes to legal situations like divorces, you have to do your research to make sure that your divorce somewhere will actually be valid where you live. You don’t want to spend extra time and money to get a divorce out of country or state to come back home and still be legally married. What may work in Mexico may not work in Florida and you must be prepared.

    Find out if destination divorces are recognized by your home state or country before leaving on your ‘divorcemoon’. Sometimes you may not settle everything over the time that you are away and it would be a waste.

    Consider doing it the right way and hire a divorce attorney to ensure you have no issues or complications with your divorce going further in life. There are a lot of things to consider before choosing the easy way of doing something. What may work for another couple, may not work for you.

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