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    What’s The Difference Between Balayage and Ombre Hair?

    There has been unprecedented interest generated among those contemplating a new colored and highlighted look to their hair and those who have taken the gamble already by coloring and highlighting their hair.

    The former would need some impetus from professional hair stylists to finally decide on what they would like to project by wearing a color on their hair.

    Whilst the latter would flaunt sensuality coupled with confidence with their recently styled and flamboyantly highlighted colored hair to the envy of their friends and peers.

    How to choose between a Balayage and ombre hair style?

    It would be interesting to be apprised of what all this fuss is about, which when searching very closely shows is a clamor to get the talk of the town technique onto their hair and have it colored and highlighted.

    These two are different techniques in a sense, but similar in many aspects creating waves of interest in the hair styling industry with their patrons trying to get either on their hair.

    The two that we are referring to is either a Balayage or ombre hair style which brings out the best in any lady who would opt for either of the two.

    The choice of either could depend on the type, length and other aspects including personal preferences that each lady would have which suit her style and skin color.

    How to decide which would suit you?

    Professional hair stylists would be able to advise any lady who would like to be educated about these two distinct highlighting styles prior to finally deciding on either.

    To do so they would be better equipped if they could apprise themselves as to what these two techniques are and how they would suit each individual in style and poise.

    Further advice would be forthcoming once they finally decide on one and call up their hair stylist for an appointment to get either a Balayage or ombre hair style.

    Could Either be Done at Home?

    Attempting to do either of the two at home could turn out to be a total disaster as they need the professional touch to get that perfection a layman or laywoman may not be able to achieve.

    It could turn up to be a disastrous “hombre” hair color style which walking down the streets could attract some weird looks from passersby.

    Hence it is advisable to get either, at a reputed and professional hair stylist who knows what they are doing and once completed you could look glamorous and sensual as you have never been seen before.

    It is this that is driving many ladies, young and the young at heart to try their luck in drawing that envious attention coupled with a “Wow” when they pass by.

    What is a Balayage?

    It is a hair highlighting and coloring technique that has been around for sometime but recently popularized with an unprecedented wave of interest being generated worldwide around it.

    Derived from a French word that means to either “sweep” or “paint”, Balayage has stood up as the most sought after hair highlighting and coloring technique requested since recently at most professional hair stylists.

    Depending on the highlighting color that would be used it would soak in the Sun or light indoors and radiate a natural look which would be accentuated by the good looks of the individual.

    The technique used to highlight the hair would create flamboyant ripples of color creating a new dimension in hair highlighting which none of the other common hair coloring do not provide.

    It is a very delicate and intricate highlighting process which once completed would provide an extraordinary extravagance to accompany the individual showing an exuberant style.

    The Balayage is sure to stay on for a very long time in fashion and style due to its simple and natural which drastically would change and elevate the appearance of any individual to new dimensions.

    Many leading ladies of the silver and television screens are clamoring and showcasing it which has propelled them into the hearts of their fans with many following their movie idols.

    What is the Reason for this Sudden Surge in Interest?

    The most prominent reason for this unprecedented wave of interest could be the flowing color that the Balayage technique depicts which has been picked up initially by a very few popular film stars.

    Popular names like Gisele, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Amber Heard, Jessica Biel and other leading ladies have brought it back from hibernation.

    All this has happened during the last decade or so which has been picked up and is a worldwide phenomenon and brought out stunning beauties all around the universe.

    Darker at the roots and diffusing in color towards the end but with spaces of highlighted areas in the hair which would be dictated by the length of the hair, is what it is all about.

    What Colors could you use in the Balayage Technique?

    There is no specific color for this highlighting technique, which could be any of the countless colors available out there if it would suit the hair type and personal preference.

    Colors like purple, blonde, brunette, red or any of those crazy colors could bring out the best in the person who has it on if that would be what they would like.

    As for those who have grey hair they could either keep a part of the grey whilst highlighting the rest or Balayage the complete hair with whatever color they would like.

    Color references are just a personal choice.

    How Often do you Need to Touch Up?

    It would depend on each individual’s natural hair color. For instance blondes would need to touch up often, at about 8 to 12 week intervals as they would need the color to remain nearer the roots.

    Brunettes would not need the highlighting to start near the roots due to their natural look hence they could touch up between twice and thrice a year.

    As for the others it would be through experience once they have done a Balayage on their hair and the hair starts growing the ideal intervals to touch up could be determined.

    What are the Common Issues Experienced with Balayage?

    When applying the highlighting there should not be over saturation at any length of hair. The color should be evenly distributed with the right darker shades at the appropriate places.

    There should be uniformity all through so that there is a distinct Balayage effect on the hair with the right shades at the right areas.

    What is Ombre Hair?

    There may be reservations by others but there is no argument that it is generally the French who set the stage in world fashion and style, whatever that would be.

    In the same vein ombre hair is also a French creation which has borrowed the word from them which means “shadow”, and is a style where it starts in a darker shade and flows down getting lighter.

    The style could be more determined with a more contrast between the colors being depicted in the hair with the roots and ends along with the area in-between being more subtle.

    The highlighted colors in ombre hair may be more prominent and adds a much darker shade with the difference in the two, which is the darker and lighter being appreciably noticeable.

    This versatile style has broken ranks and is today a much sought after hair highlighting technique that is also catching up worldwide and has an unprecedented appeal among the young and the not so young.

    For whom would ombre hair suit best?

    It is the diffusion from a darker shade to a lighter one and stands out form any other if the shading is prominent enough to show off the lines in a subtle way.

    It would be lavish on brunettes because of the natural color of their hair and with good looks their overall beauty and poise would be accentuated with this type of hair.

    This does not mean that ombre hair would not be fitting on anyone else it would look gorgeous on anyone provided they have the hair to prove it.

    It would also fittingly suit a girl who would be daring in looks with a streak of naughtiness behind her especially how she walks and the overall aspect of her personality.

    When a blonde decides to have ombre hair style due to the natural color of her hair it could be more subtle in color and would be referred to as a sombre.

    Again this one too is not to be attempted at home because you are sure to get all wrong and could end up as a hombre which not be fitting for a lady.

    Is maintenance of ombre hair easy?

    It would need regular touch ups because the highlighted color at the roots could change with the rate of growth in hair and when this happens the change in color could be noticed.

    This in so as the color needs to flow down from a darker shade to a lighter one which is what this style is all about.

    This type of highlighted hair is more expensive that the former and hence with regular maintenance required it would be on the much dearer side if you would select to have one.

    Depending on the type of hair you would have, it would be imperative to ensure that you have your hair in impeccable condition at all times because you would need to look as good as you could.

    What colors are good for ombre hair?

    There are no reservations on the highlighted colors that one could use to have in their hair. There are some very flamboyant colors out there which would suit each individual’s style, poise and personality.

    The choice would depend entirely on what one would like to have to accentuate the clothing that they would generally adorn themselves, in.

    It could also accentuate the jewelry that is worn on a regular basis, hence these are aspects that would need to be considered and taken into consideration.

    Who are the popular film stars with ombre hair?

    There are many leading ladies who sport the ombre hair look and among them who are at the top are Blake Lively, Alexa Chung, Dakota Johnson, Beyonce, Emily Blunt, Kate Beckinsale and many others.

    Some like Jessica Biel and Kim Kardashian could be seen interchanging between the two styles mentioned here to bring out the best in them according to the dress they would choose and the jewelry they would wear.

    Are extensions in ombre hair styles vailable?

    There are plenty styles available which could be clipped onto your natural hair but to ensure both diffuse together you would need to attend to your natural hair too, to match each other.

    This style has increased in popularity over the last few years and some who have short hair have also been bold enough to try out the ombre hair style and have come out on top.

    This is because they have turned their short hair into a unique style and with above average good looks it would really accentuate their beauty to a new dimension.


    You would need to choose what hair style, color and cut would suit your personality and to obtain some help in that direction you could request a professional hair stylist.

    They have the expertise to ensure what you have on your head suits you and give’s you that stunning good looks to bring the real person out in you.

    Your personality, your dress, your make up would all be elevated to unprecedented heights if you choose the right hair color for you and one which would draw the “Wows” from all those around you.

    Whichever one you would choose, should be done prudently as what would bring the best out in you is out there, choosing right is the answer and getting it right is what would propel you to dizzying heights among your peers.

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