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    Do You Really Need A Makeup Primer?

    Many people assume primer as an extra time-consuming step in the makeup process. But until you use it you can’t understand the difference that it makes. While doing makeup you use various cosmetic products, but makeup primers could be considered as the most important one. The first thing that you must know is the purpose of the using it. The primary function played by a primer is preparing the skin for the application of foundation. It lay a proper background for other creams and products to get absorbed easier and provide you fine finish. So, next time when you buy cosmetics online make sure that primer is one among them.

    5 Benefits of Makeup Primer

    #1. It creates a smooth base for makeup

    Before applying makeup foundation, using a primer is a complete game changer. Among various other beauty products online, primer is considered as the most important one as it works like a magic wand by erasing imperfections and filing in any large pores, uneven texture and file lines. This provide you a perfect base for rest of the makeup. Primer benefits cosmetics as it acts like a base coat for your skin.

    The key ingredient of a primer is silicone which is a colorless water repelling substance which blocks the pores but doesn’t interfere rest of the makeup. So, whether you are shopping cosmetics online or from a cosmetic shop you must keep primer in the check list.

    #2. Mattify oily areas

    If you have an oily skin and have applied foundation then within matter of hours and sebum and liquid of foundation would disappear revealing the imperfections of your face. There comes the reason why you should keep primer in the cosmetic product list. The primer contains added pore unblocking ingredient which minimizes shine and prevents oil from disturbing your makeup.

    When best face primer is used it acts like an invisible sponge which soaks up any excess sebum on contact beside that it ensures it doesn’t cause any problem during the day.

    #3. It can color correct the areas of redness

    If you are of sallow complexion or you have a lot of redness, often you smother it with a liquid foundation or even best beauty products but that would look like you are wearing a mask. In that situation instead of resorting for a heavy makeup you should choose a tinted primer which can color correct and minimize those problematic areas.

    Face primer use reduces the redness by toning down the skin beside that it counteracts the dark spots leaving you with more luminous complexion. That means primer is the main product that you need to use and then follow it with foundation in those areas where you need it and you find that your skin looks much heathier. The only fact that you must know is how to use face primer for a glowing face.

    #4. It makes the foundation to last longer

    Irrespective of the formulation or beauty cosmetics that you have chosen, primer helps to improve the staying power of your foundation. The natural oil of your face can make the skin break down even the most long wearing base organic cosmetic products.

    When you apply a primer between the skin and foundation then foundation gets something to stick and hence provides a clean, smooth oil-free base for makeup. You should choose the best primer for oily skin and you will find that you don’t need to do any touch up during the whole day.

    #5. It adds an extra boost of hydration for dry skin

    Above discussed benefits ae mostly associated with oily skin that doesn’t mean that it is not for dry skin. Primer works equally well for dry skins. For dry skin makeup face primer should be such which provides hydration. That means it should contain moisturizing ingredients for additional boost for long-lasting hydration to the skin beside that it also provides usual skin smoothing properties.

    After you go through this article you come to know what is face primer and what are different benefits of using a primer. But while applying a primer you must avoid rubbing or massaging the product too much instead you should smooth it over the skin in long sweeping motions for the best effects.

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