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    Do You Want to Get in Shape? Use Your Phone

    It’s not that you don’t want to get in shape, it’s that you can’t find the motivation to get started. All you can imagine is stepping into a gym packed with the fittest people you’ve ever seen, juggling weights, doing handstand push-ups and pulling off Olympian moves that would send you to the hospital. It’s intimidating, to say the least.

    If you’re looking for something to give you a motivational boost, look no further than your front pocket. Your smartphone can be the best tool to get you to rev up your fitness routine.

    Plan Your Workouts

    One of the hardest parts about getting fit is figuring out where to start. What moves should you do? What machines should you use? How are there so many types of crunches? To get over this hurdle, download workout apps on your phone to help you plan out your routine ahead of time. That way, when you get to the gym, you’ll already know what to do.

    One popular app is the JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log because it has 1300 exercises that you can choose from with written instructions and videos that you can follow. If that’s too much choice, you can look through free workout plans to reach goals like getting abs, losing weight or putting on more muscle.

    If you prefer running and cycling outside, you can use the Strava Training app to find routes used by other athletes in your area. You can even get competitive with other members to see how your distance, time, and overall progress matches up.

    Find a Buddy

    Maybe you need more than a concise workout plan to get you off the couch and onto the treadmill. Maybe you need a workout buddy to encourage you to get moving and make you feel a little guilty for flaking out on plans.

    Take out your phone and download a workout buddy app like Meetup to help you find other people in your area who want to get fit. Whether you’re thinking of trying yoga, running, dance, soccer or ping pong, you’ll find a bunch of locals who share the same interest. If you still need the extra push you could hire an online PT to get nutrition advice and specific routines direct to you phone.

    Work on Your Mental Health

    If you’re not motivated to go the gym for stronger muscles or a trimmer waistline, at least exercise for your mental well-being. Working out regularly is one of the ways that you can improve your mental health — it relieves stress, releases tension and floods your body with feel-good endorphins.

    Of course, there will be days where you can’t handle an intense workout, but you’ll want that stress relief. In that case, you can use meditation apps like Enso and My Meditation Timer to make you feel like you’re sitting in on a relaxing yoga class when you’re actually sitting on your bed at home. These will have features like time tracking, mood music and reminders for different intervals.

    Protect Your Phone

    You know you need to bring the right gear with you for workouts, like running shoes, sweatpants and a shirt you don’t mind sweating through. Your phone is going to need gear, as well.

    The ultimate screen protector is here to keep your touch screen safe from any accidental drops, whether it tumbles off of a treadmill or slips out of your pocket. You don’t want to pick it up and discover a cracked screen. Pair the incredible Prism screen protector with a grippy case so that the device won’t slide out of your sweaty fingers.

    If you plan on running or jogging with your phone at your side, you should look at some of the best fitness armbands like the YORJA Running Armband or Portholic Sports Armband. These will keep your device securely strapped to your bicep, allowing you to listen to your workout playlist or follow your fitness app’s instructions.

    Use your smartphone to plan your workout routines and find buddies to join you whenever you want to go to the gym. When you’re exhausted from an intense workout and your legs are too sore to hit the treadmill, use apps to recover and meditate. It’s clear that the answer to your fitness goals has been sitting in your pocket this entire time.

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