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    Flowers for Mother’s Day – Selecting the Best Arrangements

    Mother’s Day is just little over a month it is the time to choose the gifts for your mother. Flowers are always the best choice to gift someone. There is variety of flowers and bouquets are available in market. You just need to select best one for your mother.

    Mother’s Day is celebrated everywhere with a lot of splendor and mirth. The tradition of mother’s day was started by Ann Jarvis first, but ever since people from all over the world have adopted this special day as a day of appreciating their mothers. It is indeed a special occasion when people dedicate their day to appreciate the love that their mothers have for them, and they recognize all the efforts and sacrifices that mothers keep on making all the time for the sake of their family. Flowers are an ideal gift for Mother’s Day, but it is necessary to choose the right colors of flowers for your mother on this joyful occasion. In this article, you shall learn how you can pick the correct color of flowers for Mother’s Day.

    Make a Bouquet for Your Mother

    Here are the few things to start with when you are considering to make a special bouquet for your mother.

    Flower Pick

    You can make the bouquet of your own for your mother and to do so first you have to select Flower pick. Flower pick is available in all sizes and shapes. They support the theme of the bouquet and also suitable for a variety of occasions. You can also add a unique and special pick as well if you order a bouquet from your florist.


    After selecting Flower pick you can use Beads to decorate your bouquet. There are various beads are available with different colures, sizes, and shapes. You just need to select the one which best suit to the flower. Don’t add too many beads to make your arrangement sparkle. Keep it simple. You could either use a single color or combine two colors to make a great contrast.


    Isn’t great to add chocolates as accents with Flowers? Chocolates go really well together which is why it’s a great idea to consider adding chocolates. Select the small and individually wrapped chocolates and attach with wooden picks and add to the bouquet. You can also set these wrapped chocolates in the center of each flower. To secure the chocolates use some floral wire.

    Add Personal Memories with your Mum

    Add a picture of yourself and your mother to the bouquet to make it more special and personal. Use printed and laminate photo and secure the pick with some decorative wire. You should consider the most pleasing memory which you had with your mother. Also, it would be great to have a little sentiments attached to that photo to memorize the love you have shared with your mother. Apart from picture, it can be anything special like an old gift from your mother or a present that your mother had given you in past on achieving something special.

    Understand Why the Right Color is Important

    Many people feel that they can ignore the flower’s color because it is not vital and instead they should focus on the freshness and the smell of the flower instead. However, finding the correct color is highly significant when you are choosing your flowers. It is because colors express a range of emotions and different colors are associated with different feelings, moods, and sentiments. It is also a cause for concern that different people will have varied preferences regarding colors. So, it would be prudent for you to be careful and choose the right colors when you are choosing flowers as gifts for Mother’s Day so that you can strike the right chords and create a good impact.

    The first thing which you should do when you are trying to pick the right colors is to take into consideration the colors which are favorites of your mother. Mother’s day is an occasion celebrating motherhood, it is her day, and so her choice should be given top preference. Try to send her a beautiful bouquet which has all those flowers which are dear to her.

    You can also consider colors which have been traditionally popular with flowers for mother’s day. You have plenty of choices also, however, choose the most preferred mother’s day flowers and their appropriate colors. Pink has been one of the most popular colors, it is symbolic of being calm, homely and is an intensely feminine color. There are also people who prefer to give combinations of bolder and more vibrant colors like red, blue, lime green and orange. Yellow roses and tulips are amazing gifts also.

    It is necessary for you to think about the sentiments and symbolic meanings that are attached to different colors of flowers. Yellow symbolizes joy, mirth, and happiness; pink signifies calmness, white is symbolic of purity, red signifies love and affection, etc. thus different colors have different symbolic meanings and these need to be taken into account as you buy flowers for mother’s day. Send flowers and gifts to loved ones to show how much they mean to you and how much you love them.


    The color of the flowers is essential and main thing to consider when you are picking out flowers for mother’s day or making a present for her. Hopefully, this article would have helped you in understanding why and which colors you should pick for your Mother’s Day flowers. So get ready to use these tips to make this Mother’s Day a day to remember for your mum.

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