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    Gold bangles or diamond bracelets: What should be your choice?

    No matter what the occasion, a gold bangle or a diamond bracelet never go out of style. They make for great presents, and because of their design, they also are suitable for daily use. The latest trend in bangles are designed with weight like 10 gram gold bangles: their delicate design make them a great choice for parties and their light weight ensures that they are also suitable for regular use. Here, we present some of the best designs in gold bangles and diamond bracelets to help you choose one (or maybe both) for your lady.

    Gold Bangle Designs

    From the minimalist (which seems to be the all the rage this season) to the more intricate ones, gold bangles have always been the evergreen favorites. They come in various designs, some of them being:

    1. Bead design gold bangles: These bangles have round beads studded on them, and a set of four of these makes for an excellent choice to wear on cultural occasions.
    2. Single diamond gold bangles: These single bangle designs are studded with diamonds. The bangle has a “quilt texture” with a diamond-shaped design embossed in it. These bangles look best in a pair and can be worn on ethnic occasions as well.
    3. Designer gold bangle: These are usually worn as a single bangle. Their aesthetic look is largely owed to the dainty floral carvings on it, but they also manage to look “heavy” at the same time.
    4. Machine gold bangles: This has been on one of the most popular designs this year. They usually come in a set of 12 bangles which can be combined with a bangle set of other colors. Their machine made cuts give them a shiny look.
    5. Delicate gold bangles: These come in a bracelet model and have a floral design. The ends of the bracelet have a “dual leaf pattern” connected by a circular diamond.

    Diamond Bracelet Designs

    One could also opt for diamond bracelets, which are becoming more popular with a lot of celebrities endorsing these designs:

    1. Diamond heart bracelet: These bracelets are heart shaped, with sterling silver and sparkling diamonds on it.
    2. Diamond white gold tennis bracelet: The interesting name of these bracelets come from the tennis player who dropped them and stopped the match to search for them. Their versatile design ensures that they can be worn as a “daytime bracelet” or a blingy evening accompaniment.
    3. Sapphire Diamond Bracelet: This design, the very symbol of style, is made of gold, diamonds and Thai sapphires.
    4. Diamond heart bracelet with charm: The bracelet has diamonds in sterling silver, to complete the chic look, with a heart charm and pretty clasp to accompany. This makes this design perfect for romantic occasions.
    5. Diamond rose gold bangle: This design features a simple bangle of rose gold embossed with diamonds. This design is also available in white gold.

    Alternatively, one could also present a new gold ring. They never go out of fashion and works with about everything.

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