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    Guide to the Smart Water Bottle Tech

    Having a proper and timely hydration is highly important for the health. That´s why the smart water bottle were invented. They can track how much water a person should drink during the day. Find the perfect one on goodbuytoday.

    What’s the Smart Bottle?

    It is a metal or plastic container equipped with microscopic sensors and transmitters to help you control your water intake and preserve the data on your smartphone. Some bottles might not sync with smartphone apps but still be considered smart due to the assortment of functions that enable you to control your water needs. The smart water bottles are powered by the charged or replaceable batteries that usually last for at least one week.

    What Does It Do?

    The smart bottle functions vary with different manufacturers and different target groups of potential buyers (e.g., fitness lovers, kids, medical patients). However, there are basic features that any bottle boasting of being “smart” has.

    Control of the volume of the water left – the smart bottle will always show the quantity of water for the moment and what had been your progress in its consummation since the refill.

    Reminder system – this hi-tech unit won’t let you forget that you planned on taking a gulp or that you actually fall behind your preset hydration schedule.

    Sealed container – a smart bottle is a sensitive electronic system aiming for the precise hydration result. Thus, it has a firm lid never letting a drop of the water pass by other than intended.

    The wide assortment of the smart bottles is represented by the models that have different implementation of the basic functions, as well as providing some additional features, serving for your assistance or entertainment:

    Prepare a personalized water intake schedule – such models as DrinKup Bottle create an individual drinking plan for you taking into account the physical parameters of your body, your water drinking habits, activity level, climate conditions, and the temperature of the water.

    Syncing with the fitness apps on your smartphone – if you have a FitBit or another fitness & sports app, you will definitely praise the instant correspondence of the bottle’s software with it. You will see your intake within the app and will be able to control it according to your current activity.

    Versatile controls and reminders – the smart bottles have different design and notification systems. The controls and data display can be fully controlled by your smartphone app. Tapping or turning the lid, you will set most of the functions of Daway Water Bottle, while Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle allows doing it via the built-in display. The smart bottle will notify you when you must have a sip out of it by ringing a notification on your smartphone or vibrating. A Hidrate Spark 2.0 bottle will start glowing, the intensity of light depending on the drinking delay.

    Preserving your water and other drinks – an insulated body of the smart bottle and its firmly sealed lid make it a perfect preserve for other drinks – like Ozmo smart bottle. It allows you to switch to the coffee mode and to control the coffee consumption as well. Besides, it keeps your hot drinks warm and will let you know once they started to cool down.

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