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    New Hairstyle Trends for Men Now a Days

    Men are equally concerned about their hairstyle as women do. When it comes to hairstyles for men, the trend changes every year. There are certain hairstyles that will be trending this year and you can pick the one that suits your style and hair type. Let us have a look at some of those trending and stylish hair styles. Discuss with your barber and get the best look ever.

    Here are some Hairstyles for men

    Textured Crop

    The textured crop is completely is a new hair style that gives you modern and fresh look and it goes with almost all hair types. It can add a new look to thick hair, add volume to thin hair. It is the perfect fit for men with curly or wavy hair.

    Crop Plus Fringe

    The textured crop is styled with long or short fringe worn to just one side or cut blunt. This style has angled bangs down on your forehead just halfway.

    Short Crop- Messy

    This crop hair cut and style suits men with thinner or fine hair also with a decreased hairline. Layering, messy styling along with texture gives the fullness and transforms your overall look.

    Curly Hair – Short Haircut

    The textured crop looks cool for guys having curly or wavy hair. It is easy to style their hair and looks attractive. This style includes styling leaves bunch of wave right on the top while the back and sides have very less waves.

    Wavy crop

    This version offers bangs, texture and signature wave.

    Taper Haircuts

    1. Side Part

    The trend of taper haircut evolved due to the love for fade. Fades may still not be trending much still if you are looking for something really different you can go for this classy scissor cut hairstyle.

    2. Taper with red hair colour

    When it comes to taper hairstyles, most of them are styled into a shiny style with the side part. On the other hand there are some other options that also include curls, spikes or simply the side swept feel. It is an amazing style for men who love bold colour hair or even for those who do not love colouring hair.

    3. Taper hairstyle for Curly hair

    This hairstyle is also an ideal cut for curly hair.

    4. Taper plus neck fade

    Taper hairstyle goes for hair with not many waves. The extra length transforms the entire hair styling easier and waves certainly contribute to pleasing texture.

    5. Short Taper hairstyle

    Taper cuts can fall to the shorter end of the medium length. This hairstyle also portrays a fade around neckline to give a super clean haircut finish.

    Textured Sweep Back

    This hairstyle combines multiple styles to give you that unique look. It is an attractive medium length hairstyle with a taper and also styles using texture.

    Side Part

    Hipster hair cut is still in fashion and the coming year may see long hair being carried in looser styles.

    Heavy Crop plus Mid Fade

    This is indeed one of the coolest hairstyles with heavier and longer form of crop that includes a mid fade to show some volume to hair and you will see added texture right on the top.

    Textured Bangs

    Yet another hair style with the pendulum swing which looks absolutely stylish when you carry those bangs forward rather than flaunting smooth back. This lengthy crop comprises of textures with maximum fringe seen at the front plus a fade right at the back.

    Pink Merman

    Longer hairstyles are often the right platform for merman hair that includes a single or any rainbow colour. This messy style certainly looks quite causal and cool.

    Messy Styling

    1. Textured plus tousled

    This is a completely fresh hairstyle which is the next version of texture. This hair cut works using thick pieces to deliver a messy (tousled style) that looks modern and stylish.

    2. Messy and cool hairstyles for men

    The messy hairstyles often include spiky and finger style avatar where short hair works with lengthy fringe extending over your forehead. You can see the back and sides quite neat because of the high fades that comes with this cut. Even if the hair on top gets messy the back and sides remain neat.

    Hairstyles – Pomp Inspired

    1. Short Pompadour

    The pompadour style can be actually styled keeping hair as short as 2”.

    2. Textured Pompadour

    The amazing textured pompadour hairstyle is a blend of vintage forehead curls and modern texture.

    3. Sweep Back

    The swept back addition to the pompadour can be a perfect stylish hairstyle that many men would love to get.

    4. Pomp Fade

    It is the most preferred and stylish way of wearing a pomp. You can also style up the pomp haircut into spikes to get a different look.

    5. Pomp Hawk

    The pomp hawk is one of the growing hairstyles that suit all hair types. This stylish look includes a pompadour with a Mohawk to give you a different combination.

    There are different hairstyles for men that change every year. Many of them continue to reign years and years together. Make sure you discuss with your barber the hairstyle that suits your hair type and style. There are some hairstyles that go with all hair types. It is always better to go with your hair type.

    Styling your hair certainly gives you confidence and a style that you can flaunt. If you like a hairstyle and it doesn’t suit your hair type, make sure you do not get that style as it may end up in a mess. If you plan to get a new hairstyle be confident and carry it with confidence.

    Choose the best hairstyles and trust your hair stylish to give you that cool and new look. You can also browse the internet to know which hairstyle suits you better. You can get to learn about different hairstyles for men online. You can also get additional information about which hair style is meant for your hair type. A better hair style can boost your confidence and change is always better so choose the one that adds to your personality.

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