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    How can you Improve your Gut-Brain Connection?

    When people say they eat more under stress, they are not making that up; it is proven by medical science. Humans have a unique gut-brain connection that influences their daily functioning. The gut is often known as the second brain of a human body because it influences the brain in various ways.

    We all know that the brain is the main controller of our body. It makes all the decisions and helps our body maintain the most efficient operations at all times. However, there is a distinct connection between the brain and the gut, and each influences the performance of the other.

    The gut-brain connection is not something that develops over time but starts even before a mother gives birth to a child. It is perhaps the first connection between the brain and other parts of the body! That is right, food. Isn’t that something we think about constantly? What to eat, where to eat, and when to eat? Even when we do not realize, our gut and brain are synchronized from the beginning. Imagine what happens when you realize you can’t get food for a few days … you panic, right!

    Now, this complex relationship can have adverse effects on the body. It is safe to assume that when the gut and brain are not in harmony, the whole body suffers. Therefore, here is how you can improve your gut-brain connection:

    Understand the Gut-Brain Connection

    First, you need to understand how the brain interacts with the gut. The key connection between the brain and the gut is through the Vagus nerve.

    The vagus nerve collects information about the environment and helps the brain keep a check on our body. This also comes in handy in making critical decisions during stressful conditions. So, when you experience stress, your brain shifts your body into a protective mode which also means that more energy and nutrients are supplied to parts of the body such as the arm and legs. This change in energy disrupts the blood supply to your gut, which can cause multiple issues, as your gut walls start to diminish.

    The Power of Microbiome

    Neurologists have found that brain health is affected by what goes in the gut. This might sound hard to believe, but it is true. Our intestinal activity affects brain health and various other neurological conditions. Have you ever imagined why eating chocolate elevates your mood? Well, it is because of the microbiomes in our body, namely intestinal organisms, influence a large amount of activity in our body.

    Microbiomes are an active participant in bodily systems that support detoxification, immunity, inflammation, nutrient absorption, vitamin production, and neurotransmissions. In addition, microbiomes are the organism that transmits the information to our brain and gives us the sensation of hunger or the feeling of fullness after a mean. These tiny organisms are the key to using fats and carbohydrates for producing energy to support our vital body functions.

    However, that is not all! Microbiomes also affect your libido and mood, and various other cognitive activities. Now did you think that these tiny organisms would influence your perception of the world? In case these microbiomes become dysfunctional, it can cause a series of repercussions and health problems such as headaches, poor concentration, anxiety, mood disorders, and a negative outlook on life.

    The food we eat can influence our overall mental health in various ways. So eating healthy not only promotes your physical abilities and increase your energy levels but also influences your cognitive capabilities and perceptions. Eating healthy is one critical way to keep your mental health optimized. Now, this might include various types of diet depending on your body and routine.

    For people who experience mood swings, constant anxiety and a negative outlook about the world, starting with a change of diet would be a great move. If you feel depressed or stressed, it is not necessary that you have a brain disorder, but could experience such symptoms due to the food you eat.

    Certain people have food allergies that can kick-start the process and fill your brain with negative thoughts. However, if you ever experience such symptoms, try choosing a different diet plan for the next few days to notice changes in your behavioral pattern. In case a healthy diet does not affect your perceptions and cognitive abilities, then seeking professional help is advisable. You can contact nutritionists and licensed dieticians using a reliable telemedicine platform. Your healthcare provider can then guide you about the use of probiotics to normalize the gut-brain connection.

    What happens in a Leaky Gut and how to prevent that?

    You must have heard about leaky guts, and the ways it affects your brain functions. Leaky gut is a common health condition faced by many people. In simplest terms, a leaky gut means that your intestines are inflamed and result in the inefficient digestion process. People who experience leaky guts would undergo a situation where the body rejects all types of usual food intake and would be attacked by the white blood cells in your body. Still, problems faced due to a leaky gut can become more severe as scientific advancements make it clear how losing gut integrity can cause a poor cognitive function.

    All these years, people believed that brain functions independently and does not have dependability on other organs in the body. The blood-brain barrier is also assumed to keep other ingredients away from the mind, which is not how it works. The blood-brain barrier does not keep the brain completely isolated from the rest of the body. However, leaky guts can compromise your brains barrier and would sever the integrity by exposing the individual to various threats including viruses and bacteria.

    So people, the next time you eat food, remember that it can adversely affect your brain in many ways. Therefore, you need to devise a sound diet plan that offers you the highest amount of energy without losing your cognitive and mental abilities.

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