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    How Long Do Probiotics Last?

    What are Probiotics?

    Probiotics are included all kind of yeast and bacteria which are good for your health and your gut. You might confuse that yeasts, germs, and bacteria are all negative for our health. But it’s not true, in our body, there are harmful and beneficial micro-organisms which are living together. You can consume probiotics by supplements, some kinds of foods, and yogurt.

    So how long do probiotics last is a question that everyone who is taking this remedy wants to know? But in this article, I will give you some basic information about probiotics. To reach this goal, the first question we need to answer is How can they help our bodies?

    Normally, our bodies work to keep the balance between harmful and beneficial microorganisms. In some cases, this balance is interrupted, and by consuming probiotics, the condition is re-establishment. By influencing the nerve controlling stomach movement, probiotics support our health, especially the digestive system. They can also facilitate the recovering of some diseases like diarrhea (includes infected, drugs, and antibiotics causes), and inflammation (includes upper and lower digestion).

    • Beside probiotics have many advantages that should be mentioned.
    • They improve skin condition, support for treating eczema.
    • Facilitating to deal with urinary and vaginal infected and so on.
    • Improve oral health and protect oral from some cases of inflammation.

    Do you know how many types of probiotics and probiotic supplements are there?

    Depend on types of bacteria; there are two main types of probiotics. They are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Lactobacillus is a kind which normally found in yogurt and some fermented products, speed up the lactose degradation. Bifidobacterium relieves some irritated signs of the bowel.

    When do you need Probiotics?

    The signs warn you that you should take probiotic supplements are you are taking antibiotic drugs, suffering from food poisoning, undergoing digestive disorders, having some skin problems, decreasing immune system, getting yeasts infected, and so on.

    Antibiotics help our bodies to kill bacteria which causes disease, but it also kills the beneficial bacteria.  That why antibiotics affect the normal immune system and break the body microorganism balancing. People who are taking antibiotics should consider taking probiotics continuously until they stop consuming drugs.

    When you have food poisoning that means your digestive system is flooded by harmful bacteria. Taking probiotics on time will help you rebalance the microorganisms and enhance some beneficial bacteria. You then will have a chance to recover faster.

    Digestive disorder. Like food poisoning, when you have digestive disorders, your gut is full of pathogens, and probiotics can help you get rid of it.

    Skin problems like eczema, acne, rashes, psoriasis will cause imbalance microorganism and weak body immune. Just by taking probiotics for a long time on a regular basis, you can improve your health status.

    People who have poor immune systems will get sick easily and quickly get communicable diseases. Consume probiotics daily will decrease the risk of illness and support their health.

    How Long do Probiotics Last?

    The least time needed for bacteria to multiply in double number is a generation time. This time is specified as the fastest development of microorganisms. To ensure the effective support health, probiotics need a rapid increase in number which is bigger than opposite colonials. Then, the microorganisms in probiotics can grow properly and easily restrict pathogens (the germs which cause diseases).

    There are many factors that affect the probiotic speed like growth rate depending on the type of microorganism, type of probiotic, long time using, the status of one’s health.

    Growth rate depending on the type of microorganism. Its characteristic is valuable. Many studies with a strained differing of microorganism indicated variable degrees. For example, amino acids or ascorbic acid are added to the average will speed up the growth rate.

    Types of probiotics. There are two main types of probiotics which are influencing its lasting time, and they are live cells (forms) and dead cells (inactivated forms). The live forms have more effective with a long-term effect but are affected by changing of environment.

    Long time using. The long continuous time using, the more effective probiotics working. With daily consume in at least three weeks to few months will help beneficial germs to colonize the gut and against harmful bacteria as well as the poor condition.

    Status of one’s health. If anyone is in normal condition, it’s easy for probiotics to reach its best influences. But you will need to consume probiotics in longer time if you are ill to realize its effects and take its benefits.

    How Long Should they be Taken?

    Probiotics should be taken on a regular basis and the exact time of its lasting is difficult to answer. The time it last depending on the probiotic (Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium bacteria; pill, powder or yogurt supplements). According to both the Harvard Health Publication and Dairy Council of California, daily consume in at least two weeks is advised to get healthy digestion and improve our immune systems.

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