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    How to Administer Hemp Oil to Your Dog

    Even though hemp oil for dogs is available for a long time in the market, many of us are still not aware of its greater impact on your furry friend’s health. It has been found that this product can reduce anxiety, pain, and inflammation and help with digestive disorders, among others. The best thing about this hemp oil is that it doesn’t come with the harsh side effects that are found in many prescription medications.

    While you are aware of the health benefits of this product, you can’t exactly explain them to your dog. You can try, but the chances of them understanding are pretty slim. Thus, when it comes to giving hemp oil for dogs to your pooch, they may not make the process easy. Below are some ways to administer this product to your dog.

    Give it to Them Directly

    If your hemp oil comes with a dropper, you can use this to administer the treatment directly to your dog. If the dropper is glass, you’ll need to be cautious. If your dog decides to bite down, the dropper could break and cause injury.

    After filling the dropper with the correct dosage for your dog, you’ll want to insert it between your dog’s gums at the rear of its mouth. This should encourage your dog to open its mouth. When they do, you can squeeze the hemp oil in. Make sure to squeeze slowly. If you go too fast, it could splash out or freak your dog out, which may cause them to back away from you and waste the oil that’s left in the dropper.

    Mix it in With Their Food

    If you are unable to administer the hemp oil directly, then you might consider adding it to their food. This is one of the most common ways to get this treatment into a dog’s system, and they more than likely won’t know you placed it in their bowl. It doesn’t matter if you feed them wet or dry food, hemp oil for dogs can be added to either.

    Of course, there are some dogs in this world who will realize that you have added something new to their food, and they may refuse to eat it. If this is the case, then add it to their favorite treat. Again, this can work if the treat is wet or dry, although hemp oil absorbs into dry treats easier.

    Add it to a Special Treat

    If your pooch still realizes that you have added hemp oil to their favorite treat, then you may have to get sneakier. There are many special treats that you can add hemp oil for dogs that may encourage them to consume it. These include the following:

    Peanut Butter

    Most dogs absolutely love peanut butter. Thus, adding the hemp oil to it can be a great way to get it into your dog’s system. All you need to do is mix their normal dose with a tablespoon of peanut butter and they should scarf it right down.


    You can also add hemp oil to eggs. After you have scrambled the eggs and they are cooling down, you can add the treatment. While this is a great way to get your dog to consume hemp oil, it’s not one you can do every day. Eggs can give your dogs gas and/or digestive issues, so it’s only recommended to do this a few times a week.

    Giving your dog hemp oil can be incredibly beneficial and help them with a variety of ailments. There are many ways to orchestrate this treatment, but finding the best way will depend on your dog.

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