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    How to Be in Style Without Emptying your Pockets

    If you like money as much as you like being trendy, you’re definitely in a pickle. Even though there are plenty of shops out there that offer you in-style clothing for less, you may still find it challenging to hold yourself from not emptying your pockets in the blink of an eye.

    Luckily for all of us, there are plenty of tricks that can help you only look nice and stylish, without having you breaking the bank.

    Let’s take a look at the things that you can do for getting the style you want, without spending all of your rent money.

    • Shop online

    The internet is an amazing tool to use for almost anything these days. Go online and look for the discount clothing websites (there are so many options!). Not only that you’re not going to pay more for the sales tax, but you may not pay for shipping either. Make sure you check this one, as each shop has its own policy.

    Don’t forget to look for a coupon code for both the item you’re buying and the store- you may be in for a real treat!

    • Go shopping out of season

    The principle is pretty easy: you should get some sweaters and coats in the middle of the summer and buy your bikinis when it’s freezing outside. Not only you’re going to find more and various options, but they may also be cheaper (not many of us know about this trick). When you shop online, you’re going to find plenty of affordable and really great looking clothes.

    • Write-down a list

    This should also be set in stone when shopping for everything around the house. Even if you’re shopping online, it’s easier to stick to a list if you know exactly what you need. The risk for impulse buys is going to be lower, even if some online shops out there do know their business when it comes to fashion and budget-friendly options.

    • Buy outfits and not items

    It’s useless to get a shirt that doesn’t match any of your skirts or trousers, no matter how beautiful it is. Be wise and plan ahead, creating a wardrobe around some classic items. Build from that your new wardrobe.

    • Never buy clothes to change your current mood

    Shopping for getting rid of your boredom or sad mood is never a good idea. That amazing feel and rush you get from getting new clothes isn’t going to linger for long. Not only that the feel is going to go away, but you’re also going to be left with your pockets empty too. After all, it’s a physical option for an emotional problem- but it doesn’t solve the problem per se.

    • Try to buy the right size

    Truth be told, we’ve all been in this situation: “It’s a tad tight, but I’m gonna stop eating the morning cookie so I should be able to wear it soon enough!” Stop fooling yourself and be real to yourself, no matter how cruel that is.

    • Stick to your budget

    This rule of thumb should be used for everything. When you’re planning to spend a specific amount of money, chances are you’re not going to overdo it. If you do go over your budget (by a lot), sleep on it. You may not find that special piece of clothing as special as you thought the night before.

    Speaking of a budget, nowdays, it’s not that hard to buy yourself the desired clothes, or beauty products without having to spend thousands of dollar. There are plenty of high end shop that offers discount codes for their online shops. A such website is Coupon solver which offers discount codes for a wide range of products, but especially for Krasr products.

    Krasr is an online store that offers products for skin care, hair removal and makeup tools. These products are especially crafted to bring impressive results with continued use.

    • Try to use cash as often as you can

    Cash is the last trick to use when you want to put any impulse buys under control. If you’re sitting on the fence about this one, go and take a look at your closet. Do you see any clothes that you never ever wear? They’re the living proof (so to speak) that impulse buys do exist.

    • Be careful when you go to outlet malls

    If you really care for the label you’re buying, remember that some of the brands out there do give you budget-friendly options in their own outlet stores. Even though the quality may not be the same, you can give them a try. Otherwise, you should always take the leap of faith with the online shops that offer trendy options for a tight budget.

    • Check the boy’s or men’s department!

    When you’re not looking for a dress or other woman clothing, you can take a peek at the men’s section. You may get lucky while trying to find a cheaper T-shirt or a sweatshirt. It’s quite common for men clothing to be cheaper than women’s clothing (we can only assume why!).

    • Stay away from the trends… or not

    No matter what they tell you, when it comes to clothes, most of them are classic and never go out a style. Sure, this relates a lot more to the men fashion, but even women can stick to the classic and timeless pieces of clothing. After a certain age, of course.

    • Try the coupon search engine

    Believe it or not, but there are ways to dress for less. Check a coupon search engine so that you can keep your wallet even thicker than expected.

    • Do you like how your friends dress?

    This may seem a bit extreme, but it’s actually a great way to bond with your friends and to save a buck too. You can have a small party and ask your friends to bring some of the clothes that they’re not wearing anymore. When you’re done with your swapping, you can give what’s left to charity.

    • Try not to over-wash the clothes

    This doesn’t mean that you should never wash your clothes, but you should do it less often. Washing is going to wear your clothes a lot faster. Try to stay away from the dry-cleaner as much as you can and limit the use of the dryer as well. You’re just going to wear your clothes a lot faster (the lint in the dryer is actually a piece of your clothes…). Better yet, save a buck and hang the clothes on a rack or a clothesline.

    • Improve yourself- learn to sew!

    No, we still don’t have an app that sews our buttons. This is why some things are never going to disappear so you may very well learn some basic stitchery. Take it to the next level and start sewing your own clothes. Not only that it’s cheaper, but you also get the chance to develop new skills.

    • Sell what you don’t wear anymore

    The rule of thumb is to go into your closet and remove everything that you haven’t worn for a year. Take it and go to a consignment shop. What they don’t want, take it and give it to a thrift shop so there’s somebody using it in the end.

    The minute you get the money for it, don’t hesitate and get new clothes instead. It feels nice, right?

    Tip: You should go to the fancy part of your town when you’re selling your clothing. It’s not really polite to say it, but rich people are going to pay more for your clothes, giving away their own clothes when bored with them. This is one thing to remember when you’re organizing a garage sale or you try some thrift shopping.

    • Go shopping on your own

    Not everyone needs an input when shopping, but it’s not a disaster if you do either. Even though shopping with your friends is going to be all fun and pleasant, we do tend to spend more when we’re with friends.

    The final tip

    Staying in style without spending all the money in your wallet is a challenge, but it’s not mission impossible. As long as you’re willing to keep in mind a couple of tricks, you’re going to be just fine this season too.

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