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    How to Celebrate Easter in Lockdown (Again!)

    Easter weekend is fast approaching and this will now be the second Easter weekend spent under restrictions – hopefully, there will be some lifted but time will tell. While this is a gloomy prospect, the good news is that people are a lot more experienced in lockdown now so you can still find ways to have a special Easter weekend even if you can’t see loved ones in person.

    Decorate the House

    One of the best ways to celebrate Easter will be to decorate the house. This is always a good idea, but particularly in the current situation where people are having to spend so much time at home and looking at the same walls.

    Virtual Family Gatherings

    Virtual family gatherings have become the norm over the last year, but there are ways that you can make these more fun and enjoyable over the Easter holidays.

    This could include playing Easter-themed games, sharing meals or even watching Easter films and TV together while on a call.

    Order In

    Following on from this, easter is a holiday all about good food and good food is best shared with family. This won’t be possible this year other than those that you live with or perhaps a picnic in the park (if allowed), so instead you could look into ordering in and treating yourself.

    Send Chocolate Eggs

    One of the best traditions about Easter is exchanging Easter eggs and this is always a nice way to bring people together as well as to have a few treats to enjoy over the weekend and beyond. While it might be different this year, you can still buy and send easter eggs to friends and family – you could then even open these together on a virtual call.

    Make Future Plans

    You can also make future plans with loved ones as a way to make up for having a second Easter under restrictions. There are tentative dates for restrictions lifting, so you might want to think about activities that you can do together soon while still staying safe and protecting public health.

    It is sad to think that this will be the second Easter under some kind of restrictions and, although hopefully there will be some restrictions lifted, it will be another difficult period.

    That is not to say that it can’t be a fun, special and memorable Easter holiday, though, and hopefully this post will give you a few ideas for ways that you can make it enjoyable even during the pandemic.

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