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    How To Choose A Low-cost And Fashionable Look for College

    Whether we care to admit it or not, we live in a society that is defined by our outlook appearance, be it in school or careers. Nowadays, dressing up goes above and beyond just covering up and feeling comfortable. In places where our attires are not selected for us, what we wear on the outside reflects a little bit, if not all of our personalities on the inside. There is no better place to experiment with fashion than in college.

    The only challenge is most students are on a stringent budget. Whether you are a shop-a-holic or not, one thing for sure is we all have to wear clothes. The good news is that you can still look great and fashionable even with your college budget.

    Tips for looking fashionable on a college budget

    #1. Preferred fashion selection

    Are you the type to spend $200 on a Cashmere sweater or spend $5 for several tops on the sales isle in the store? Both ways work, however most people would opt for the more expensive, nice top, but go for the less-costly clothes because they happen to see it and can afford it. If you find something that you truly love, just buy it regardless of the price tag. If you buy something for ‘cheap-sake”, you may end up with lots of clothes that you like less.

    A great idea would be to can get a part-time job for example academic writing for how to write a conclusion for a research paper earn extra money for your college expenses.

    #2. Assess what you have

    We all have a tendency of hoarding shoes and clothes we hardly ever use. Take some time to go through your closet and noting the designs and colors that you. This will give you an idea of your fashion sense. Take this opportunity to do away with the clothes that do not fit you any more or those you’ve hardly worn for years.

    #3. Sell, exchange or do away with

    A great way to earn some extra cash for your shopping needs is by selling off things you don’t wear or use anymore.

    #4. Classic meets Trends

    Make a list of the fashion items that you wish to have in your wardrobe. Select quality clothes with perfect fitting that make you look great as opposed to cheap, outdated, loosely-fitting clothes that will only fill up your closet. A great way to achieve this is by dressing up a classic look, with trendy items, for example, a classic white Tee with trending denim statement jeans or infinity scarf. Classics vary depending on your style. The basics for any college closet should be at least twenty tops that can be paired with ten pants, five shorts, four sweaters, two skirts, tote bag or backpack, spring and winter coats, jewellery, shoes and enough underwear. Get clothes that are comfortable, easy to move around in and suitable for a classroom setting. Play around with color as well to expand your wardrobe.

    #5. Online vs. store shopping

    You can get great deals online, but there is a catch! Shipping expenses may be costly as opposed to getting the same item in a walk-in clothing store. The worst case scenario in the event your order doesn’t fit and you have to pay to ship back the items. A walk-in clothing store where you can actually see, touch and fit the item you are purchasing is the best bet.

    The simplest way to stay fashionable on a budget is to get few clothes that you love. As the saying goes, “Cheap is expensive and expensive is cheap.”

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