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    How to Get the T-shirt that Fits you Perfectly?

    T-shirts, especially those with custom prints, are irreplaceable image elements. T-shirts can be fun and easy to wear, and they are generally considered an elementary dress-up option for a person’s wardrobe. Properly selected, they can reveal your personal style and taste. But how to choose a t-shirt that fits you perfectly? Despite the simplicity of a t-shirt, there are some criteria to observe before selecting the perfect one. In this article, you will learn some essential tips on this topic.

    T-shirts are available in many different variants. They differ not only in the fabric and cut but also in the colour and method of printing.

    Choose only natural materials

    It’s commonly known, that synthetic can make you sweat, especially during the summer! Therefore, you should look for a t-shirt made from natural material. One of the best and most popular materials for t-shirts is pure cotton. But which one is the best? The low-end cotton is likely to deform at the first wash. Pima or Supima is one of the softest and most resistant kinds of cotton. You can also choose chic and cosy cotton blended with linen, silk, or viscose.

    What is the ideal cut, size and style?

    Choosing the right size of your t-shirt is very important for your comfort. Usually, t-shirts are available at adult small through extra-large size. Whatever your size is, you should choose a t-shirt that fits your silhouette. However, you must be honest and accept the type of body you have. Don’t believe that there are standards of beauty that you must respect. Find the cut that works for you best and use it to your advantage. Always choose a t-shirt that enhances your physical attributes such as your hair, eyes, skin and figure.

    What colour should you choose?

    Choosing the colour of t-shirt depends on your personal taste and style. If you prefer the light tones, pick up white, chalk, grey or tan beige. If you like dark colours you should know that they will make you look thinner. Remember, that if you want to order a custom print t-shirt, you should carefully consider the right colour matching with a print you want.

    Nowadays, custom t-shirt companies offer a vast colour palette so you can buy exactly the t-shirt that will suit your expectations. An incredible amount of combinations are at your fingertips!


    To achieve the best look of your t-shirt, several criteria come into consideration: the theme of the print, its aesthetics, the style, and the size. All these parameters must match your personality and be adequately framed on the t-shirt. To create the custom t-shirt with the print, think about the appropriate placement of the print. Both the front and the back of the t-shirt are a suitable place for the design.

    How to choose the best place to put a custom print on your t-shirt?

    Be attentive to nuances first. There are many people who don’t know how to scale and place their design correctly on t-shirts. You should ensure that your desired print is proportional to the dimensions of your t-shirt. Furthermore, a durable print is essential. Vendors such as EcoFreen sell fabric paints and inks that can be used to test your prints.

    A straightforward way to visualise different composition options on your t-shirt is just to take a simple piece of standard printer paper (with the potential t-shirt design printed on it) and hold it up against the t-shirt. This is something that you can certainly do at home. All you need is a piece of a standard printer paper or even a piece of binder paper, and a t-shirt. Then, lay the t-shirt on the flat surface and put the binder paper on the top of it. The printer paper will represent the size of your design. Being able to see how your design looks like on a t-shirt is very valuable. This is just a very simple and easy way to give you a better idea of what your graphics will look like on a t-shirt.


    Basics are often the most difficult clothes to find. That is why, if you want to make your own custom t-shirt, you should identify a quality material, a cut adapted to your body shape, and a colour that will suit you. We wish that these suggestions will help you to expand your appearance and to choose the best t-shirts.

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