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    How To Prepare For An Online Interview

    The world has changed in monumental ways and with it the way we work.

    As so many of us moved to remote or home working last year, many employees are now assessing their future career plans and tapping into “The Great Resignation”.

    While we continue to work in hybrid ways, you might find yourself interviewing online from your home.

    Here is how to prepare for an online interview.

    Do Your Research

    Interviewing is all about the research. Make sure you’re prepared with knowledge about the role, company and person interviewing you. You should also prepare poignant questions that are relevant to the role you want.

    Check Your Bandwidth

    Avoid sputtering, stuttering connections and answers by checking your broadband speed and bandwidth ahead of time. Once you have found the strongest Wi-Fi signal in your home, set up there for your call.

    Find Somewhere Quiet

    In addition to good broadband signal, you will also want to have your interview somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed. Try organizing your interview at a time when others in your home will be out.

    Dress Respectfully

    Clothes can make you feel powerful – no matter if the person on the screen can see your whole outfit. Dress appropriately in smart shoes and ladies’ skirts that make you feel great.

    Tidy Your “Set”

    Our homes get messy, it’s just the nature of living in them. An interviewer doesn’t need to see your mess though. Tidy the room you’ll be conducting your interview in. Especially the areas that will be seen on camera.

    Avoid Amusing Backgrounds

    You might be uncomfortable with someone you don’t know seeing the inside of your home, and that’s understandable. Avoid amusing, garish and distracting backgrounds as these can make you look unprofessional. A blurred background might be your best option.

    Speak with Clarity

    Internal microphones can often distort the words we say. Especially if you’re someone who speaks in a rapid pace. Ensure you’re understood by speaking clearly, slowly and eloquently for your interviewer.

    Talk yourself Up

    Selling yourself is the main goal of any interview – online or not – and it is essential that you understand how to do it over a video call.

    Thoroughly prepare your “pitch” as it were and talk about your history, self and accomplishments in the best light possible.

    Follow our tips above and you’ll find online interviewing a breeze.

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