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    Everything to know about Laser Hair Removal


    The concept of the laser hair removal is now prevailing in our society just because to satisfy the need to look beautiful. The laser hair removal is often used by the people to remove the extra and annoying hairs on your body. The laser hair removal is a simple process which is led by a beam machine which has waves of some specific frequencies and wavelength. The process of hair removal was firstly popular in the female circle of our society. But in fact laser hair removal is now duly used by the men as well.

    These waves or beam of the laser is thrown with specific wavelength and frequencies to have the required result. The laser hair removal has now different varieties with the better results before. Moreover there are also different factors that are responsible for the hair growth on the body. So the laser hair removal may affect the two different bodies differently. It also depends upon the kind of the hair and their thickness as well.

    Types of the Laser Hair Removal:

    Laser hair removal has many of the varieties, performing different kind of functions. The one type of the laser is Diode laser and the other is IPL.

    1. Diode Laser is the laser for hair removal in Delhi which is basically a semiconductor and it produces the radiations. Moreover it produces waves of the same frequency and wavelengths. These radiations are produced in an infrared region which is more effective in removing the hairs which are unwanted. Moreover it is also effective over the larger part of the body to remove hairs.
    2. The other kind of the laser hair removal is IPL. Intensive Pulsed Light, which is also used for the purpose to remove the unwanted hairs. It is also used and made functioned by the radiations and the cooling agent in it. It is used for the removal of the dark and deep hair roots.
    • The difference between both objects is that one is laser and the other is machine. Diode lasers are more effective than that of the IPL as they deeply go through the skin and remove the roots of the hairs. IPL machine system is less expensive than that f the laser hair removal process.

    Laser Hair Removal in the past pages:

    Science and technology both are interlinked and very necessary things for each other. So with the passage of the time as well as when human beings were developed, there were many things which were being invented for the betterment of the cause of humanity. In 1960 the laser hair removal technology was introduced for the first time. When nobody can even think of it at that time, as it was completely a new and innovative idea. So then the ruby faced lasers were used in the process of laser hair removal in Delhi. At that time it was experienced in many of the experiments as well as treatments that the patient’s skin was burnt or damaged by any other way. It was very alarming situation for all the people who were linked with this profession.

    Moreover with the passing time the ruby faced lasers were replaced by the advance technology laser with specialized codes and programs. Yes it was the time when the laser hair removal has been used for specific hairs to be removed. Fortunately the laser hair removal has completely performed its functions accurately. There was no burning to the skin was reported, moreover many other skin damages were also minimized.


    • The number of sessions normally required in the laser hair removal process is 6 to 8. But it also depends upon the skin, hair and other things related to the body.
    • If someone has got light skin and the dark hairs then he/she is going to benefit much as compared to the other persons. So a person with dark hair and the light skin is recommended.
    • The duration of the process is about one hour maximum. Moreover the laser hair removal process is a bit painful but the cooling agents can balance the pain.
    • As in this type of the laser hair removal there must have different results with different skin and hairs. So don’t use anything If your skin become reddish but let it the way it is.

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