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    Maid Of Honor Tips For The Girl Who Has No Idea

    As a maid of honor, you’ve got some big responsibility on your shoulders. You’re the one who the bride may rely on emotionally, and the task of creating the perfect hen’s night is also on your shoulders. This party has different names in different places; in America, such outings are called “bachelorette parties”.

    Like a bachelor party, or “bucks party” for the lads, as they say in Australia, a hen’s night is a group of girls who are close to the bride going away to celebrate her final night as an unmarried person. Accordingly, there should be a level of madness about the whole affair; but as the maid of honor, it’s your duty to put the brakes on things if they get too wild.

    There are many schools of thought when it comes to hen’s night. On one side of the fence, girls go all out to be inebriated, lewd, crude, and draped in clothing that is emblazoned with anatomically exaggerated portions of the male anatomy. As is the case with the stripper of a stag does, hen’s nights may have a male dancer induce increased wildness.

    But the truth is, this state of affairs hasn’t always been the core of the hen’s night. There is a synthetic quality to outings which go all out to be over-the-top and outrageous. As the maid of honor, you additionally need to know the character, constitution, and personality of the bride. What is she really going to like?

    #1. Thinking It Out

    Sure, you want to get her out of her comfort zone a little bit; but you don’t want to do anything that induces that “sick” feeling in the base of the stomach. Not that feeling of nausea, that feeling when something of low character has been committed. When you cuss at someone in traffic, though you know the error was your fault.

    Those kinds of feelings shouldn’t be on the back of someone’s mind during the day when the marriage ceremony takes place. There will be enough other things on the mind! Then again, when it comes to brides, sometimes there are those that want to go into marriage glad that the single life has been left behind. Such ladies may lead you a merry chase as the maid of honor, in which case it’s your task to reel her in.

    #2. A Night To Remember

    Still, there’s a way to “have your cake and eat it, too”, as the saying goes. Here are some tasteful ideas for a hens night to help you get your imagination going. Say you and the girls hit a secluded beach house with treats, wine, gifts, games, and a practical joke of one kind or another for the bride. You can go round-robin sharing your feelings about the upcoming marriage, dream together, cry together, laugh together, and give your lady the fine sendoff she deserves.

    The truth is, the bride will be able to remain friends with you after she’s married, but it will never be like when you were a pack of single young things out roaming the city. Marriage does change a person. But for the better. Well, for the most part; there are always outliers in any spread of information!

    As the maid of honor, you’re almost a chaperone, but you’re still one of the girls. You’re probably one of the closest friends of the bride-to-be, and that friendship will remain—though it shifts—through the marriage. So above all else, take it in, really experience the moment, and be open to the unexpected!

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