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    How to Make Your Dream Vacation a Reality in 2019

    On average, trips that are considered to be “dream vacation” take approximately one year to save for. Whether you’re traveling alone or with your entire family, the vacation you’ve always wanted to take could be a reality by the end of 2019 (or sooner). However, for many, it can be a challenge to set their focus on a goal that seems so far away. No matter if your idea of paradise is Hawaii or Europe, there are some practical ways that almost anyone can plan the trip of a lifetime for the coming year.

    Ready to get started? Explore three top strategies for making your dream vacation a reality in 2019.

    Find creative ways to pay for your travel

    Don’t have a large budget to work with? There are many other ways to pay for travel than with cash alone. From paying for airfare with airline miles to exploring travel freebies that you are eligible for through work or other sources, there are many opportunities to take advantage of. Start by checking with your credit card companies, memberships, and your employer to see what benefits are out there for you. Aside from possible freebies you can use for your trip, get creative with your booking sources. Reserving your hotel, rental car, and airfare through discount sites are also another way in which you can save $100s or even $1000s on your arrangements.

    A little persistence goes a long way

    Think that the first prices you see on hotels and airfare are what you have to pay? Think again! Prices on common travel arrangements can fluctuate by the day, and vary based on the sources you are using. Also, experts state that many travel sites track your search history, and can raise prices if you don’t regularly clear your cookies. That’s why being persistent in your search efforts is an absolute must to get the best possible deals. As you begin your search, explore as many travel sites as possible, change travel dates to find the best deals (if your travel dates are flexible), and visit sites over the course of a few weeks to pay the lowest price.

    Cut down expenses in other areas of your life

    Although it is a common suggestion for those who are looking to save for a big purchase, cutting down on other life expenses is incredibly effective. Saving just $5 per day can give you an additional $1,800 toward your trip. Whether that expense is a coffee, a nice lunch, or part of a hobby, you can pay for the majority of your dream trip with a simple shift in your spending habits. If you have trouble staying accountable in your efforts, many banks and certain apps allow you to automate your savings by a specific dollar amount.

    Is 2019 the year you will finally take your dream vacation? By using a few simple strategies, you can make a trip that seems impossible a reality.

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