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    Building Basic Makeup kit for beginners on tight budget

    Getting your makeup essentials is one of the most crucial things happen in everyday girl’s life.  Top of that storing and carrying them is another war that we fight every day.

    Does it mean we have to let our makeup fascination die? No way.

    In this article, we will mention out some of the high-end and excellent everyday makeup essentials in low budgets.

    If you are buying your makeup kit for the very first time, then you should check some of the high authority product review sites like Makeupkitz. They know makeup products.

    Everyday makeup essentials to make your beginners makeup train kit:

    Buying good makeup products within your budget must be overwhelming. There are many beginners makeup kits found in all over the market which is used to starts getting into the makeup world. Unfortunately, they are all expensive or mostly poor quality. If you don’t want to spend lots of money to buy a costly makeup ki, then you must make your own.

    Now we are ready to get all the essentials makeup products in one place.

    We need few things to build our makeup kit. We will start with a makeup train case. Because when we have one, it will be much easier to sort out everything.

    What a training makeup case is? It is a professional grade makeup organizing box that not only helps you to store everything in one place but also you can use it carry loads of makeup gears. Follow the link if you want to know more about best makeup train case. Apart from that if you add a few more beauty basics like makeup brushes, hair stylers, and a high-quality makeup mirror. These are the things that definitely will complement your kit even more. Our goal is to fill our makeup train case with all makeup accessories that are professionally appreciated. Without further waiting let’s have a look into our basic beauty products.

    Makeup Primer:

    When you are about to build something professional in the makeup industry, makeup primer is the first thing you need to have. There are huge formulas available on the market. Get something that complements general skin colors. If you are making it for your personal use, it is obvious you must have to buy a primer that can go with your skin type. In case of professional makeup, the best practice to purchase something that goes with the majority of skin tones.


    Foundation types are depending upon the face texture. If you have a dry or oily face texture, then the foundation could be chosen by applying it on your face skin. The matte foundation used to avoid oily texture. On the other hand, if re running a dry skin, then glossy foundations are recommended that won’t leave any dry patch on your face.


    Concealers are vastly used to hide dark spots and small flaws found on your face. And when it comes to hiding eye patches, it is the only thing that any makeup artist can think of. When it comes to looking younger, this beauty product serves excellent work. You will always see better skin appearance by applying the right concealer on your eyes, chin and forehead portion. So we would suggest not to buy any narrowly specified concealer.

    Finishing powder:

    After setting up the concealer and foundation, we need something to hold these two products on flawlessly. Finishing powder is the magic that will do the job. It can help your makeup to stay for a long time. You might have heard of Setting powders and HD powders. These two are the next phase of finishing powders. But mostly do the same job. Next time, when you need to  hide your wrinkles and control the shine on your face you can dab these three things according to need..

    The blush on and highlighter:

    These things are optional in your makeup beginner kit, but these things are used to enhance your cheek and nose features. The blush on adding a little color to your cheek and highlight is applied to develop shine and glow on your facial features. Most of the time many women’s use highlighter kit to contour their face in good shape. This kit is used to enhance your nose your cheekbone and other features of the face.

    Eyeliner and eyebrow pencil:

    A set of eyebrow pencil and liner is used to enhance eye and make it prominent on your face. To get perfect eyebrow flecks, you only need an ideal eyebrow pencil to maintain the uneven portion. Gel liner is easy to apply, but this seems costly as compared to other pencil eyeliner.


    There are various forms of mascara available in makeup beginner kit. Olum boosting is mostly used to boost up the eyelashes.

    Lip stain:

    Lip gloss, lip stains or matte lipsticks are used to color your lips. There is the full range of shades available in the lip contour kit which seems costly.

    Setting spray:

    At the end of the makeup, you only need a professional setting spray which is used to make your blush last longer. You can trust me that this product is essential to hold while going out for a business conversation or going for the long drive.

    Before we decide

    We tried to build a makeup kit for beginners which will stay with you for a while. We are expending maybe a couple of hundred bucks into it. And intent to use it for a more extended period.  By keeping that in mind, will suggest to buy makeup products with better quality. It is a wise choice to buy a good product with an extra amount instead of losing everything within a short period. Hopefully, you guys have found this guide helpful. Did I missed anything? What else would you like to add on your makeup kit?

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