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    10 Best Men’s Stylist & Trending Hairstyles in 2019

    Good style extends to far more than your clothes. Your hairstyle is just as important as the way you dress. Men have become increasingly aware of that and they are keeping track of trending hairstyles so that they look good. With the year almost over, the new year is here and it’s time for men to keep up with the times and shift themselves to a new look.

    Why Is This Important?

    A lot of men underestimate how much a haircut can change a man’s looks for the better. But the right haircut can dramatically improve your appearance. The hair frames the face and the right style can emphasize or cover up features of your face. For example, an oblong-shaped head is noticeable when a person has short hair. Longer hair covers it up and can reduce the harshness of the shape.

    Additionally, some hairstyles can make you look older or younger. Depending on the effect that you’re hoping for, you might want to decide to change our look this coming year. A different year can mean a different style to welcome the new year.

    Choosing The Right Hairstyles

    Before we talk about some of what trending hairstyles are popular, let’s talk about how you should decide on whether a hairstyle is for you. There are several factors you should consider when thinking about a new hairstyle to adopt:

    1. Face Shape. One of the most important things to consider when selecting a hairstyle is the shape of your face. Different hairstyles have different effects on a person’s face. There are several face types so you should check out your own so that you can base a good decision about your own hairstyle.

    2. Hair Type. Another factor to consider is the sort of hair that you have. There are hair types just won’t work for some hair but are effective for some styles. For example, curly hair is great for fade haircuts while thin straight hair can work well with a lot of classic styles.

    3. Your Profession. Finally, there’ s the fact that you have to think about your profession when selecting a haircut. If you’re in a professional job, then it’s more important to stick with cleaner and more classic styles, while those with more free occupations can opt to be more radical with their hairstyle choices.

    Top Ten Trending Hairstyles For 2019

    If you’re interested in potential looks, here are some of the trending hairstyle for the upcoming year. I’ve narrowed them down to ten so that you’ll have a good selection of what sort of hairstyle you might want to get.

    #1. The Quiff

    You’ve probably noticed this particular hairstyle. The quiff is essential all about growing hair long enough so that you can style it up. This is rather high-maintenance in terms of pomade and various other hair care products but it’s hard to ignore how good it looks. It can look professional if you want to, but you can also style it for a party depending on your mood. Just run your hands through it for that devil-may-care look.

    #2. The Comb Over

    This is a classic that’s hard to beat. Just part your hair in what direction you like and keep it in place with gel or pomade. There are two choices, the short comb-over is pretty great for professionals since it has that attractive by-the-book feel, while long comb-overs are more romantic – and need fewer hair stiffeners.  Plus, you can personalize the fades on the sides so you can be as professional or as casual as you want. This is going to be one of those 2019 favorites mainstays that you’ll see everywhere.

    #3. The Fauxhawk

    Mohawks remind people of the punk lifestyle and being renegades – but it’s not exactly the most welcoming of hairstyles. This is where the fauxhawk comes in. It’s essentially just having your hair styled towards a point in the middle, with some close cutting to the sides. It reminds people of the Mohawk style without going overboard. A nice pick for those who have inner rebels.

    #4. The Undercut

    This has the barber “undercutting” the hair on top. This means your top hair is longer while your sides are short. The contrast presents the strength of the style. Slick back your top hair or style it in whatever way, undercuts can be very good for those who want to be adaptable. You’re going to need pomade or gel though.

    #5. The Textured Fringe

    If your hair is naturally curly, most of the choices that you have are for you to cut short. However, the textured fringe lets you grow long. Similar to the undercut, the sides are cut short, but the top curly hair is managed a bit so that it looks tousled and rumpled. It can be quite attractive if properly done. The fringe just helps to showcase your face.

    #6. The French Crop

    If you’ve watched enough movies, you’ve seen the classic Roman short haircut. It’s clean and functional. The French Crop adds a twist to it by adding a simple fringe to highlight the face. This is great for those who want an attractive yet low-maintenance cut.

    #7. The Crewcut

    The classic short haircut is here to stay. This is something easy for your barber to do which he will find difficult to mess up. It’s a great choice for those who want to go in and get out quickly when it comes to hair maintenance.

    #8. The Pompadour

    If you want to be a romantic rebel, here’s the classic that Elvis made famous. This is for those who want big hair and have time to style it. Nowadays though, this cut is often paired with a full beard to get that full manly effect. Get some wax and pomade to style it up to be even fancier.

    #9. The Top Knot

    Want the hair out of your eyes? Get them out of the way with a top knot. Popular among the younger set, the top knot is emphasized with shaved sides so that you look like a modern-day warrior. However, you probably shouldn’t be wearing this to corporate meetings.

    #10. New Look For A New Year

    These ten are just a few of the trending hairstyles out there. Hairstylists are getting creative though, we may see more unique styles as the year arrives. You may end up having more styles to choose from as they develop.  It’s best to greet the new year with a new look though so you better decide now on what looks catch your fancy.

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