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    Parents Considered Items For New Living Room Set

    New moms have a lot on their minds, including babyproofing. You’ve installed cabinet and drawer locks, bought your doorknob protectors, and have started thinking about putting gates at the stairs. One of the things that parents fail to think about is the need to upgrade or switch out your living room furniture.

    Infants are explorative, and it won’t be long before your little one will be scooting across the floor. Your every day living room furnishings and décor could be accidents waiting to happen. Some of the most common accidents that infants and toddlers have involve falling against sharp corners or edges of furniture or pulling lightweight furniture down upon themselves in their attempt to stand and walk.

    Before your child gets to that stage, it is important to rethink your living room furniture. Here are some things you should look for in babyproofed furnishings. If your furniture is missing the mark, check out some low-budget but quality and stylish living room sets online.

    Rounded corners

    If you are going to have a coffee table, cocktail table, or console tables, they should have rounded edges. They also need to be heavy enough at its base that the child cannot pull it down upon themselves trying to pull themselves up to a standing position. Your best bet is to skip the accent tables and coffee tables, and get a sturdy console table instead.

    Don’t forget to look at the corners of your sofa, loveseat, or accent chairs. You don’t want any mechanisms for the child to get their hand caught in, so examine the design of any recliners you are considering to make sure they aren’t a hazard. Wood furniture should be rounded off rather than a sharp edge.

    If you think that limits your options, you’re right. But if you look for a living room set for sale on a comprehensive online furniture store you’ll be able to find many living room sets that meet these recommendations.

    Scotch guarded polyester

    The type of upholstery you have on your living room set can also make a big difference in safety and maintenance of your home. When you get scotch guarded fabrics, most spills will be able to be cleaned up swiftly without harm or stain to the furniture. Meanwhile, polyester is the fabric of choice for any textiles in the vicinity of children. Its fire retardant nature makes it the fabric of choice for children’s furniture, clothing, and bedding, so it only makes sense to choose upholstery of the same.

    Heavy and stationary bases

    A rocker is a great addition to the nursery, but if you are going want one in your living room you should find a platform rocker or a glider that can lock in place when not in use. Otherwise, make sure that all of your furniture – including accent chairs, dining chairs, stools, and benches – is heavy enough at its base that the child cannot topple it over on accident by pulling on the legs.

    If you are unsure whether your current furniture works for this purpose, get down on the floor and tug gently on the exterior leg of the furniture to test it. Remember in the process that toddlers are stronger than they look!

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