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    Get The Perfect Plus Size Dresses to Rock and Slay Any Event

    There is a saying that goes, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” If you are curvaceous, busty, or voluptuous, size is never an issue to hide your real body shape. This is particularly true when you know the right kind of dresses that will accentuate their curves at the right places. The right clothes, when combined with confidence and style, will always make people turn around

    If you are a plus-sized women who wants to make men drool and other women envious, its time get up and change your wardrobe. These helpful tips will help you choose the right type of dresses to accentuate your curves and make you stand out in any event.

    #1. Know your exact body shape

    Plus-sized women fall into different shape categories, the pear or the apple-shaped curves. This largely depends on the proportion of a woman’s shoulders to her hips. Taller women generally have pear-shaped body curves while shorter women will appear more like an apple. But this is not a general consensus, because there are women who fall on either of the categories regardless of their height.

    Nonetheless, pear-shaped women have narrow shoulders and fuller hips. They often look elegant with strapless dresses and tops. Apple-shaped plus size women have wider shoulders, and smaller hips and dresses that add volume to the hips are their best bets.

    #2. Draw attention to your body shape

    Curvaceous women can draw attention to their curves and full figures by emphasizing their bust line and neck. Wearing plus size cocktail dresses with open necklines are great ways of highlighting the torso and neck. Another way of flattering the neckline is by wearing the sweetheart neckline, V-necks, and the scoop neckline.

    #3. Conceal a large tummy or hips with flowing skirts

    To remove attention from these not so good-looking body parts, plus size women should choose flowing skirts. They usually create a fantastic silhouette by concealing large tummies and hips.

    #4. Emphasize your curvy waists

    Using a corset can accentuate your curves because it shapes the waists and gives you a full contour. Most plus size cocktail dresses available in fashion stores are designed to do this especially right below the bust. Fashion accessories such as scarves or belts can also be used to draw in the waist and create that captivating silhouette look.

    #5. Go for A-line dresses

    A-Line dresses usually have a very classic design, tucked in at the waist and tapers down gently. It is another smart approach of looking very chic without looking like you’ve exerted too much effort in tapering your body curves.

    #6. Scale print and detail to match body size

    Tall women or those with average heights will always look great in dresses with large prints and designs. Smaller or petite heights go excellently with medium prints while shorter women will look better with itsy bitsy prints to add an illusion of height.

    #7. Know basic design tricks

    Lastly, a large tummy can also be concealed with a dress with ruchings round the waist. Waist cinches can be used to create a slimmer figure. Heavy arms can be disguised with dresses with kimono sleeves. Dresses with vertical pleats at the bottom elongate the lower bottom as well as make the hips and legs appear to be leaner.

    Understanding your body shape and knowing what to highlight or conceal will give you the power to dress more confidently.

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